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The best PC simulation games right now

You have so many options.

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While most online games are primarily intended to entertain a particular audience, PC simulation games, or often referred to as Sims is not entirely meant to amuse. Sims is aiming much more than entertain.

These games are meant to mimic real-life scenarios mostly for tutorials and training while incorporating the entertainment factor for a better chance of learning. Nevertheless, Sims has constantly evolved according to the advancement in modern technology.

Hence, the best PC simulation games right now might be different from what Sims was in the past.

Farming Simulator

The Farming Simulator series, also known as FS19, is overall dedicated to farming management. It encompasses everything from workers to farm machines and equipment, how to breed cows and eventually earn money among others. Much of the FS19 success has to do with all the free mods and add-ons that can be downloaded from mod sites like

Mods, in this case, are maps and agricultural equipment, like tractors, harvesters, trailers, trucks, plows, planters, cultivators, and much more, that can be downloaded to the Farming Simulator 19 game for free. Most mods are made by ordinary people who are fans of the game.

Euro Truck Simulator 2

This truck simulator game is intended to be more therapeutic rather than entertaining. In parallel, it can also be challenging depending on the level you choose to play the game. The mods of this game are crafted by the players themselves in addition to the existing trucks and maps in the base of the game.

FS 2018

Apart from flying planes, race car fans are given the opportunity to experience driving the race car of their dreams in the F1 series through the FS 2018. This game from the Codemasters gives users a real-world experience of being in the F1 race, without having to be there in reality.

It pumps out the adrenaline of racing enthusiasts because of the accuracy and precision of the visuals and sounds that even the difference between classic and new cars are so much apparent. Like in the real world, you need to interact with a pit crew and gain their trust.

Flight Simulator X

Developed by Microsoft, the Flight Simulator X or FSX game provides users with real-life aviation experience. It is the best of both worlds in terms of providing a casual player with entertainment and complete experience to fly fighter jets under bridges, as well as training budding pilots through a comprehensive cockpit.

Nevertheless, since most of the mods for this game, such as the planes and maps are sourced through third-parties, it is inevitable for players to first download a bunch of necessary zipped files for complete gaming, and training experience.

Kerbal Space Program

Do you want to know what astronauts go through in space explorations? If so, then the Kerbal Space program, developed by a collaborative effort of NASA and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, is the perfect simulator game for you. This game will allow you to design your own spacecraft before launching it into orbit or even landing on the moon.

The games are based on the real-life missions embarked upon by the NASA scientists. Given the complex characteristic of space explorations, this game may be deemed that it is not really a hundred percent real. Nevertheless, its physics-based details can do wonders for a budding astronaut.

Silent Hunter: Wolves of the Pacific

This game is considered as the best simulator game there is for submarines for all time. Regardless of whether the visuals of this game has not fully been enhanced, played from the WWII perspective, it still provides the user with optimum gaming experience.

Insurgency: Sandstorm

The second version of this game is a harmonious blend between being a true-blooded soldier and an arcade player. While anyone can play this game, without the necessary tactics, there is a great possibility that you may not advance that far in terms of leveling up.

There are various realistic guns to choose from, giving the user a distinct feel for each type. Enhancing the guns with the proper ammunition can completely change the characteristics of the weapon. Apart from being simply a game, this is a good training visual to soldiers and other security forces in terms of handling guns and ammunition.

With modern technology nowadays, even learning can be made more fun through PC simulation games. Developers leveraged on these advancements making Sims seamless, thereby offering the best user experience. PC simulation games have truly progressed over the years.

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