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The best price comparison apps to download in 2021

If you’re wanting to improve the intelligence and efficiency of your online spending, download any of the above mobile apps today and start saving time and money.

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Let’s face it, we all enjoy buying goods or services when we know we’re getting the best possible value. In today’s consumer world, no one likes to be short-changed. That’s why price comparison apps are increasingly becoming the salt to a consumer’s pepper, acting as their ally in finding the best available prices for products.

Whether you are someone looking to cut the cost of your weekly groceries, biding your time for the lowest price on an in-demand gift, searching for the best Black Friday deals, or just wanting the best available odds for your weekly sports wagers, the six following price comparison apps will give you more spending power.


If you are out in a retail store or outlet and you happen to find a product that you like the look of, ShopSavvy is your perfect app partner. Load up ShopSavvy on your iOS or Android device and scan the barcode of the product in question. ShopSavvy will be able to show you where else you can buy this product and whether it’s available cheaper elsewhere. Users can also set alerts and reminders to notify them when a retailer has cut the price of an item or entered it into a sale. Its database of available retailers includes Amazon, Target, Walmart, and Best Buy.

Grocery Exchange

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Do you feel like your grocery bill is rising by the week? If you are fed up of feeling the pinch from your weekly food and beverages, check out Pingwell’s Grocery Exchange app. The “next generation” app allows shoppers to share and compare local grocery prices. With context and geo-sensitive product search functionality, users can compare the price of food and beverages locally easier than any other app. Pingwell’s Grocery Gadget is also a handy companion, making it quick and simple to create shopping lists for the whole family.


Enjoy a flutter on the biggest sporting events? The last thing you want is to be ripped off by the sportsbooks by taking poor value odds. When you hit a winner, you want to make sure you get full value from your payout. That’s where Oddschecker comes in. The odds comparison portal offers apps on iOS and Android, comparing all the leading online sportsbooks. It also details the best available welcome bonuses for new customers, as well as exclusive content on daily race meetings and upcoming games in major league sports.


If you have a penchant for online shopping, there’s no better app to seek out those unmissable Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals than BuyVia. The app’s experts scour the e-commerce markets for the very best deals daily in the lead up to the biggest online sales. Whether it’s electronic gadgets, new clothing or shoes, BuyVia is a concept founded by professional shopper Norman Fong which creates a smarter way to shop and save online. According to its Play Store page, BuyVia boasts over 100,000 product coupons available from brands nationwide.


If you don’t have the time (or the inclination) to spend on monitoring prices for your bucket list products, ShopAdvisor can do all the legwork for you. Think of ShopAdvisor like your own personal price tracker. It not only compares prices from retailer to retailer, it tracks when these prices move up and down. Within the app, you can set it to alert you when the price falls to a cost that’s acceptable to you, directing you to complete the purchase online or your nearest local store.


We know how frustrating it can be when you spot a product you like the look of, but you don’t know it’s industry name or how to search for it online. CamFind is an app that’s perfect for the advanced shopper. Simply take a photo of the product in question and the app will describe the item so that you can make a quick and accurate search online. It’s known as the world’s first “mobile visual search engine” and now boasts more than three million active users.

If you’re wanting to improve the intelligence and efficiency of your online spending, download any of the above mobile apps today and start saving time and money.

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