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The best PS4 games to lose yourself in

Here’s what you should probably be playing if you haven’t already.

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The viral phenomenon of PlayStation gaming has driven the world crazy ever since the mid-90s when Sony gave formidable gamers a new, upgraded medium for satisfying their hunger for breathtaking play. Immersed in crazy video games, carefree students began ordering their research papers online, while busy moms started hiring a nanny to have some time for taking care of their shiny handhelds, too.

The impact the PlayStation brand has made on the gaming-powered society has retained its grandeur and significance, pushing the boundaries of traditional culture of playing video games.

Released in 2013 and still circulating as a revolutionary gaming console, PlayStation 4 provided avid players with thousands of mind-blowing games to dive in. Spectacular, exciting, and addictive, these refined PS4 products give gamers an advanced projection for experiencing the genuine vibe of the gaming universe.

Nevertheless, among the 2340 terrific PS4 games, most users have given their preference to a relatively limited selection of products we are going to list in this article!


Featuring a renovated version of Remedy Entertainment’s Quantum Break, this game presents the mix of its gunfights and superhumans, taking a player into a spell-binding trip of a perfect gaming environment. Control centers on Jesse Faden, the protagonist, whose task is to discover the disappearance of his brother and overcome the vicious of his enemies. All throughout the game, you’ll be struggling to get back the control over the city that is temporarily being in the hands of vile mobs.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

sekiro shadows die twice gameplay
Image: Amazon

Set in Sengoku-era Japan, this game introduces you to a magic-filled world of hideous monsters, epic fights and a bone-chilling ambiance. Here, you become a dauntless warrior aiming to protect a young lord of an ancient bloodline and hunted after by powerful enemies and bizarre creatures. This wonderful game invites you to explore Medieval Japan teeming with atrocities, chaos, and doom, and demonstrate your martial skills using exceptional ancient tools and super-abilities of a ninja. Read our review here.


Image: PlayStation Blog

Displaying a gloomy gothic setting inspired by Lovecraft’s style, Bloodborne turns you into a Hunter who has to free the city of Yharnam from a powerful curse. This game requires you to always stay alert and tense as you make your way towards combating the terror and doom that the city is embraced in. Provided with an impressive arsenal of weaponry, a Hunter can perform most outstanding and even shocking tricks. Plunge into the mind-bending world of dark oblivion with this brilliantly designed game of action, crime, and gore.

Nier: Automata

nier automata
Image: Amazon

This masterfully developed gaming product has hooked millions of crazy gamers with its beautiful graphics and the thrilling story featuring alien invasion, spectacular showdowns between humans and elaborate machines, and the unsurpassed force of excellent action. Nier: Automata invites you to take a look at the sophistication of extraterrestrial life and its petrifying forms manifested in the appalling inhabitants of the worlds that are unknown to mankind so far.

God of War

god of war father's day
Image: PlayStation

This marvelous discovery of the gaming world will drag you to the grand universe of epic scenery, nerve-racking massacres, and the thrill of vengeance. Experience the true beauty of the legendary martial culture of Gods of Olympus and get to know what it feels like to stand up to the allegedly insurmountable deity of never-ageing Greek myths. God of War is a haven of grand bustle, ever-lasting power, and the ongoing desire to conquer and reign. Read our full review here.

Metro Exodus

exodus metro gameplay
Image: Exodus Metro

The post-apocalyptic setting of ruined cities featuring havoc and endless war between saviors and merciless mutants has inspired hundreds of cyberpunk products and dystopias. And especially popular locale for depressing yet exciting dystopian stories has been the capital of the largest and nearly the most aggressive political unit of today’s world – Moscow. In Metro Exodus, you will be desperately and determinedly rambling over the devastated and terror-fueled megapolis’s subway confronting Armageddon-begotten monsters, ravaged tunnels, and your own fear. Read our full review here.

Wrapping things up

The experience and feeling that the PlayStation universe delivers to its devoted fans are beyond description. Its creativity-powered geniuses have crafted an unprecedented tool for gamers across the world to find out what actual video gaming should be, along with what a genuine gaming “trip” should look like. Over the last decades, this branch of Sony Inc. has demonstrated its unwavering capacity and determination for changing the way video gaming should be viewed by the public craving action, entertainment, and fun.

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