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The best tech to help you have a productive morning

These are five amazing things that anyone can purchase for a reasonable price and start to use it as a portion of their morning routine.

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Getting up and getting moving in the mornings is a struggle for most of us. It is incredibly difficult to get that boost that we need to feel motivated and ready to tackle the day. Luckily, there are some technological solutions that may just do the trick in some circumstances. We want to review some of the options that you have as you attempt to get yourself motivated to be awake and active. 


This device allows you to boil hot water for tea from your smartphone. You can set it up to allow you to just press a button and get that water boiling. That saves you some time as you stagger on into the kitchen to get your much-needed caffeine boost. The iKettle is just what you need to settle in with your favorite caffeinated treat today.

Showerhead With Wireless Speaker

Most people like to sing in the shower at least a little bit. They know that it is a habit that many of us share, but sometimes we don’t always admit to it. That being said, the Kohler Moxie Bluetooth Speaker will have you singing away to your favorite songs all morning long. Just the act of getting up and doing this really helps a lot of people feel better and more awake at the same time. 

Wake Up Light 

Sometimes you just have to have a wake-up light to help get you through the day. The Rise & Shine Natural Wake-Up light is the way to go. It helps work with your circadian rhythms to provide you with exactly the kind of morning that you want. You would not believe what a difference it makes to have this light working for you to get you up and out of bed the natural way. 

A Quality Mattress

A productive morning starts with a good night’s sleep. Many studies have shown the connection between proper rest and better output as an athlete or business professional. To get a good night’s rest, ensure you are sleeping on the best mattress for your sleeping style. An old or worn mattress may cause aches and pains that can lead to poor sleep. 

Nest Learning Thermostat 

Do you love your house to be at a particular temperature? There are a lot of people who want it one particular way. However, a typical thermostat does not have the technology available to adjust to changing conditions. It is important that consumers have the option to get a thermostat that works for them. It is a lot easier to wake up in the morning and get rolling if you have a thermostat that adjusts to how you like to stay comfortable. Learn more here.

Shaving Cream Dispenser 

This one might sound a little over the top to some people, but there is a heated shaving cream dispenser for those who just can’t get enough of having comfort as a part of their morning routine. Again, this one is off the charts wild, but it is also incredibly comfortable, and that makes it easy to understand why some people love to have this as a little part of their morning routine. 

These are five amazing things that anyone can purchase for a reasonable price and start to use it as a portion of their morning routine. Mornings are important for setting the tone for the remainder of the day, and that is why people are willing to part with at least some of their money to have a great morning. It just makes sense that this is something that you should consider as an investment. 

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