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The best voice recorder apps for iPhone and Android

Here’s a short list to help you download the best and free voice recorder apps for both iPhone and Android users. Keep reading.

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Although both iPhone and Android phones come with pre-installed voice recorder apps, you can still install amazing apps from the App Store or Google Play Store. One of the many reasons for installing a voice recorder app on your iPhone or Android phone is that they are equipped with numerous innovative features which allow you to use and edit the recorded audio according to your liking.

There are numerous videos on YouTube with almost a million views mentioning the best voice recorder apps and this has indeed helped with the organic YouTube growth for these channels.

However, instead of watching a long video, we have created a short article for you to help you download the best and free voice recorder apps for both iPhone and Android users. Keep reading.

Awesome Voice Recorder – For iPhone

This voice recorder app comes with a noise cancellation feature to provide you with high-quality output audio. Before you can start recording audio, you can opt for the quality you want to create and the format you want to save it in like WAV, M4A, or MP3 format.

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You can also make a mono or stereo recording and pause the audio for a maximum of three minutes, and you can resume it after this duration.

Smart Recorder High-Quality Voice Recorder – For Android  

This free voice recorder app has more than 10 million installs and it comes with several efficient features such as automatic and manual sensitivity control and Live Audio Spectrum Analyzer.

You can record top-notch quality audio using this Android app to ensure your convenience. You can have full control over the recording process and it does all of it while preserving your phone’s battery life.

Voice Recorder and Audio Editor – For iPhone  

This free iPhone app allows you to record audio for unlimited time. You can choose the file format of the audio before recording, and then you can trim and edit the playback speed of the audio according to your preference.

You can also share your audio files on your social media platforms or save them on the cloud.

Another best feature of this app is that you can get accurate transcripts for your audio files, however, this specific feature needs to be purchased in order to use it.

ASR Voice Recorder – For Android  

If you’re looking for a free voice recorder app that offers all the features required for premium quality audio, this app will be your best bet. It allows you to choose from a variety of formats, and you can control the playback speed as well.

For added convenience, you can add notes in your recording too. You can store your audio files in Google Drive, Dropbox, and more.

Recorder Plus Voice Recorder – For iPhone  

This free voice recorder app for iPhone users is extremely user-friendly for an intuitive user experience. You simply need to tap the record button for quick, top-notch quality recordings, and then you can make basic edits to them as well.

Another great thing about this app is that you can record audio while running another app. You can also adjust the audio quality to match your preference.  

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