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The biggest new mobile games of 2021 so far

Here are all the games that should be on your radar.

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Mobile phone gaming is improving in every wake. Advancement in technology is the major contributor to the premium games with unique concepts we see getting released frequently into the market even more appealing.

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Dadish 2

The free-to-play game is available on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The game’s concept for playing Dadish is to control Dad radish to rescue all the radish children. You also get to jump through swinging chainsaws, launch your little radish self from a cannon, get a ride from a hamburger to advance to the top levels and beat the bosses.

Super Fowlst 2

The game is from the same developers as Dadish. You can download it from either android or iPhone mobile. The concept is of a chicken that kills demons in all kinds of creative and graphic ways, including donning a chicken suit, exploding crate bombs, body-slamming enemies, and knocking monsters into a pinball bouncer and watching it bounce around. 

Among Us

It’s also available for download on the App Store and Google Play Store for free. Among Us games is an online multiplayer that has become highly popular and has elite gamers like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The concept is of a Mafia on a small spaceship. An animated astronaut character in dramatic outfits represents the player. The astronaut does several tasks to ensure the spacecraft keeps on running, but an imposter is running around and killing the crew members. To win, you are supposed to guess who the imposter is, and a correct guess is a win.

Tiny Bird Garden

The unique game is available on both the Google play store and Appstore. In the game, they require you to customize a garden space with various items they find around. You’re then required to meet and befriend pretty tiny birds found in the garden. The Tiny Bird Garden offers some mental exercises and gives the players some sense of relaxation. 

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is available for purchase on Google play store and App store. To indulge in the game, you must get yourself to the countryside to build and start cultivating a dream farm. The countryside is full of beautiful scenery to indulge in.

Monument Valley 2

The beautiful game is available for download for android and IOS. To play the amazing indie puzzle game, they require you to guide a child and her mother on a journey they are undertaking to get across a magical landscape.


GeoGuessr is excellent for people with a wanderlust spirit. The game mentally takes you for adventures on random Google Street view locations on the maps. You earn points by guessing the area. The points you earn depends on how close the place you mention is to the one displayed in the game. The game has IOS and Android versions.

Bloons TD 6

The game is of a classic 3D tower of defense available for android and Apple users. The players use cartoon monkeys as snipers and as helicopter pilots. Other monkeys are used to pop and shoot tons of balloons. The game is highly appealing and enjoyable to play. 


The game is best for players who don’t want tiring and highly engaging games. It gives you a sense of some artistic calmness. All they require you to do is play on the virtual sand art. The games allow you to switch colors as you wish to enable you to create various masterpieces that you can share with family and friends or use as wallpaper on your phone. 

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