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The Chuwi CoreBook XPro is down to $549 right now for its annual back to school event

The event is being held August 20 through August 31, 2021

chuwi corebook
Image: Chuwi

It is reported that Chuwi’s new 15-inch large-screen laptop, CoreBook XPro will be launched at the end of August, featuring high-performance thin and light business notebooks, a thin and light metal body, and an Intel mid-to-high-end i5-8259U processor. 

The new product has been launched in the “Chuwi Shopify Store Back-to-School Promotional Campaign” with an original price of US$599 and a starting price of US$549. Real machine hands-on evaluation, user experience, and the actual test scores are geometric.

First of all, from the perspective of appearance, CoreBook XPro has a solid metal style, and the overall shape is pure geometric design. Unlike Apple’s soft arc shape, CoreBook XPro is minimalist and tough in line with the aesthetics of businessmen. The AD cover is made of all metal material, and the body under the cover is integrated, and the surface is covered with sandblasting oxidation process, which is full of high-end texture.

The new CoreBook XPro is equipped with a 15.6-inch IPS full screen, a full HD level with a resolution of 1920*1080, a 16:9 classic display ratio, an overall large-screen display, and a wide field of vision. In the future windows 11 system, the large screen can be a split-screen display, and at the same time Various tasks have been started, and the work efficiency has been doubled in an all-round way.

At the same time, it adopts a three-sided narrow frame design, the narrowest frame is only 6mm, with a front camera and dual noise reduction microphones, which is conducive to remote online office. Meeting anytime, after the meeting, you can safely turn off the camera by tapping the physical switch of the camera.

The C side is a full-size backlit keyboard, with large 16mm*16mm keys, a wide key area, with multi-level backlight adjustment, and typing creation is relatively easy and smooth; equipped with an enlarged touchpad, it has a flexible and convenient touch experience.

Both sides of the fuselage are equipped with Gigabit Ethernet ports, SD card reading expansion interface, USB-A 3.0 interface X3, USB-C, HDMI, DC power supply, and 3.5mm headphone jack at the same time, which can meet the diverse daily expansion needs.

In terms of configuration, CoreBook XPro has a built-in i5-8259U flagship processor with 4 cores and 8 threads. The processor is also at the mid-to-high-end level among current notebooks, and the overall configuration performance is superior. The processor’s main frequency is 2.3GHZ, the turbo frequency is 3.8GHz, the TPD is 28W, and the integrated Intel Iris plus 655 set display.

In GeekBench4, the single-core running score is 4497 ​​points, the multi-core running score is 15660 points, and the comprehensive running point in PCMark10 is 3572 points. high productivity. In the Geekbench running score, the i5-8259U is 10% higher than the i7-1065G7 and 50% higher than the i5-1035G1. Compared with the tenth generation i7, the i5-8259U is even better, and its computing power is particularly dazzling. This high-performance configuration can be used not only for computer simulation research of school educators, but also for daily multimedia classroom teaching.

The new CoreBook XPro has built-in 8GB DDR4 memory, 2400MHz operating frequency, and reserves a So-DIMM memory expansion slot, which can be opened in parallel in the face of multi-tasking. Factory configuration 512G SSD solid state drive, supports X2 dual-channel NVMe transmission protocol, and reserves another M.2 expansion slot, which can be DIY to expand 1T storage.

In the actual measurement, the reading speed of the solid state drive is up to 1365MB/s, and the writing speed is up to 927MB/s, reading and writing speed is 3 times faster than SATA solid state, reducing various loading waiting time, various computer operating experience will be fast and smooth.

When playing 4K videos, they are smooth and free of lag, with clear and beautiful picture quality and full and pure sound, which shows that the audio and video decoding of its processor i5-8259U and graphics card Iris® Plus Graphics 655 is strong.

In terms of gaming experience, using the new CoreBook XPro to open “CS GO”, it runs stably without pressure, and can maintain a frame rate above 75fps. The overall game is smooth, and the cooling fan runs stably without abnormal noise. In all aspects, the game has a high running frame rate, and it is also handy to deal with the game. It is suitable for extracurricular student groups to play!

CoreBook XPro has a built-in 70WH high-capacity battery. Under the condition of 80% brightness, local video and audio playback lasts for 6.5H, which can last for more than 8 hours in business office. With a large 15.6-inch screen, this battery life is also suitable for long-distance business travel and office needs.

On the whole, Chuwi CoreBook XPro is a high-performance business thin and light notebook, high-definition large screen, metal style, balanced and comprehensive hardware configuration, excellent performance, and good user experience. This new product is a sincere boutique work.

CoreBook XPro is expected to be on sale globally on August 16, 2021, in the “Chuwi Back to School Promotion”. The original price is US$599, the initial price is US$549, the discount is US$50, and a free handbag is provided worldwide.

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