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The CIGA Design Magician is a new 3-in-1 mechanical wristwatch

You’re essentially getting three different watches in one that you can adjust regularly depending on how you feel. 

CIGA Design Magician Mechanical Watch
Image: CIGA Design

Traditional mechanical watches can be a little boring these days, especially with the increasing popularity of smartwatches.

But CIGA Design is looking to break the mold of mechanical watches with its Magician (M-Series) watch. 

The M-Series is a mechanical watch with a bit of a twist. Inspired by magicians, the M-Series offers a mix-and-match style combined with a modern-mechanical art style. 

The CIGA Design M-Series Magician watch will launch on Indiegogo in August for a special, promotional price of $600-$900. If you wait until after that, the retail price of the watch will be $600-900.

So let’s see what it’s all about. 

Revolutionary design

CIGA Design Magician M-Series traditional, analog watch inner case
Image: CIGA Design

The CIGA Design Magician M-Series is a traditional, analog watch. The inner case features a unique face with exposed gears and components.

It uses a hovering, rotating gear instead of a traditional seconds hand to stand out from traditional watches. The internal components of the watch feature a luminous design that helps the hands pop out in low light. 

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But what really makes the M-Series unique is the design of its outer case. Or should we say outer cases? The M-Series is actually designed to be three different watches in one. 

The watch comes with three different detachable outer cases so you can change up the shape and style of the watch on the go.

And changing the cases is as easy as pressing two buttons on the side of the watch’s face. 

Image: CIGA Design

The inner case of the watch is a traditional, round face, and you can go that route with the circular outer case. But if you want to change things up on the go, you can easily switch to a square outer case. 

And if that’s not enough variation for you, there’s also a hybrid outer case that offers a more diamond-like shape for the face of the watch.

Whatever style you’re feeling for the day, the M-Series is able to adapt. 

A unique take on the traditional wristwatch

Image: CIGA Design

For anyone looking for a new take on the traditional style wristwatch, the Magician M-Series is a brand new design to look out for.

You’re essentially getting three different watches in one that you can adjust regularly depending on how you feel. 

CIGA Design was founded by Chinese industrial designer Zhang Jianmin with the purpose of bringing a new, modern approach to old-school wristwatches for the new generations.

And the Magician M-Series is the latest step in the innovation of the classic timekeepers. 

The Indiegogo campaign is set to go live in August where you can snag a Magician M-Series for $600-$900.

After that campaign is over, the retail price of the watch will be around $600-$900, so act quickly if you want to take advantage of that promotion. 

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