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The cognitive benefits of online gaming

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For many years gaming has been considered the root of violent behavior in children, but now people have finally realized that there is no evidence to support this theory, but there’s a lot of evidence that claims online gaming has tons of benefits.

The online gaming benefits stretch to cover many domains, including even cognitive benefits.

Here are the top benefits of gaming:

  • perception
  • attention
  • memory
  • decision-making
  • visual contrast sensitivity
  • improved spatial attention
  • reduced impulsiveness
  • overcoming dyslexia
  • multi-tasking
  • mental flexibility
  • reversing mental decline
  • sociability

Studies show that playing online games, no matter if they are first-person shooters, video slots with online casino promotions, MMORPGs or hidden object games, will help you use your brain more. When comparing people that play games and those that don’t, the gamers will outperform non-gamers on every test. You will even start seeing a little better, even if you have severe ocular problems, and will be able to distinguish subtle differences in colors.

You will be able to track objects and improve your performance and locating things with more ease which could even lead to better driving skills.

Contrary to the belief we talked about earlier, playing games leads to less violence because it will reduce impulsiveness and help you refrain from rash actions. You will think about consequences and calculate your moves and stop from doing something you’ll regret. What is more, you also let off steam when playing meaning that in real life you will be calmer.

The proof is in the pudding

Maybe one of the most critical factors and the main cognitive benefits of play video games is the fact that it will stimulate your brain and help it age slower. Because you gain cognitive flexibility, attention, a better memory, abstract reasoning (things that theoretically decline with age) you will be able to improve these abilities. This means that you have fewer chances of getting Alzheimer’s, dementia and similar disorders.

Even those that suffer from dyslexia benefit from games because this is mainly a visual attention problem. Studies have shown that those that have dyslexia and have played games have shown better improvement than those that have gone through specially designed programs.

It’s up to you

Every single day we are faced with many decisions, we have many things to do, and we have to do them quickly, and we need to pay attention to a lot of things. Online gaming can help you get better at day to day tasks by improving all these things. You can have better relationships with others and interact more efficiently, you can work better and manage to complete all tasks successfully, and you in yourself are better, with less stress and healthier.

One could argue that everyone, no matter their gender, age, ethnicity, religion, etc. should play more games. Spending even a half an hour a day playing games could have amazing effects on your mind and body. With so many online games available, there’s just no way you won’t find something that you genuinely like.

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