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The dawn of FinTech in Asia

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Technology is everywhere in the 21st century and this involvement of technology in every aspect of our lives and the world is only going to be more and more visible. Financial institutions are the backbone of the world economy and the local national economies around the world.

The rise of technology and the convenience it provides had started seeping into the finance sector long ago. The explosive growth of financial technology or Fintech has made the banking the finance sector more secure and much more manageable. The computer programs and algorithms that were being used for the back-end work of record keeping have expanded into programs written to provide a safe a secure environment for online transactions and safeguarding the personal and financial details of private individuals and corporate behemoths alike.

Today, Fintech has become a necessity for the finance sector and it is seemingly impossible to make do without anything that is related to or a part of the Fintech family of programs. Capitalism is all about rewarding merit and Fintech may very well be the area that has produced some of the most impressive practices and programs that have become the driving force of the financial markets around the world.

Evolution of Fintech

Fintech today is the new reality and is seeing widespread application through all walks of the financial ecosystem. Various fintech services are being deployed to ease online transactions and at the same time ensure security. The fintech programs have helped to make the world of e-commerce come true and made mobile banking and online transactions a reality.

Consumers now are actively using Fintech programs and services for a hassle free and secure financial system that ensures that running costs and human error are brought to the minimum while boosting the security of individual financial details. Fintech has been a pioneer and come a long way in the realm of cybersecurity and is constantly pushing the envelope to provide newer and better encryption and security measures.

Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Smart contracts, open banking all are the latest in the line of fintech programs that are going to dictate the future of financial institutions in the world.

Fintech in Asia

Asia is the home to numerous emerging economies and is the hottest market in the world. The presence of regulations work as a deterrent to radical changes in the system but in case of emerging economies, such regulations are more often not too late to come about or absent all together allowing for new innovations that can push the fintech programs to the next level.

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain are set to pave the way for the next chapter of fintech in Asia. From the poor countries like India to developed economy of Singapore, Asia is a complex organism that ensures a once in a millennium scenario for fintech to expand in. From solving complex problems in financial hubs to getting the poor their first bank accounts, Fintech has the opportunity to innovate solutions that will ensure an organic growth of the finance sector and the technology that supports it.

Asia is set to become the center of world’s attention in the coming decades with its unique situation that is waiting to be blown away by the next big innovation in the Fintech ecosystem. The lessons we learned from the unprecedented success of cryptocurrency and other programs are being incorporated into creating new programs that will forever change the face of the economy and how finance works.

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