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The definitive digital guide for real estate companies

Real estate marketing will allow your agency to achieve greater success and achieve all the goals that you set for yourself.

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Do you know what real estate marketing is? In this article we show you which are the best offline and online techniques and, in addition, we give you a guide that you can download with a single click.

What is real estate marketing?

Before getting into the subject, it is worth remembering what exactly is real estate marketing. It is about a series of strategies whose main purpose is, on the one hand, to obtain new properties to sell or rent them and, on the other, to attract clients who wish to buy or rent some of the available properties offered by the agency.

To achieve these objectives, certain processes are required, such as knowing how to position the company to stand out from so much competition, recognize our ideal client, etc.

Sometimes we confuse the terms “real estate marketing” with “real estate sales”; however, both differ:

  • Real estate marketing. This process precedes the sale, since, as we have indicated, its objective is to establish contacts with potential clients and investors.
  • Real estate sale. It is the work that a real estate agent performs to get a client to buy or rent a property.

Currently, the real estate market is a scenario that changes frequently, so we must move away from old techniques that have become obsolete. On the other hand, this sector has also joined the digital world. In fact, as we will see later, digitization has taken on a predominant role within real estate marketing strategies, although, obviously, they are not the only method.

To develop your own strategy, you have to take into account the following basic steps:

  • Define the ideal customer profile. Establish what your target audience is like. We recommend that you be as precise as possible and that you define characteristics such as age range, sex, area in which you reside, purchasing power, etc.
  • Value proposal. Define what your agency offers unlike the competition. It is also advisable that you carry out a previous analysis of it to understand how it works, how it gets new customers, etc.
  • Define the method. Establish how you are going to achieve your goals. In this article you will discover the best real estate marketing methods that exist. You can even combine several of them in the same strategy.

The benefits of real estate marketing

Now that you know what real estate marketing is, let’s see what its advantages and benefits are:

  • We will find out what exactly the customer needs. This will allow us to focus on a specific profile and, in addition, we will increase the probability that our client will be satisfied.
  • With real estate marketing strategies, we can measure and evaluate the effectiveness of the processes. An idea that you thought was effective may not give you the expected results. Thanks to the analysis and evaluation, you will not waste time on unsuccessful strategies.
  • Stand out from the competition. There is no doubt that there is great competition in the real estate sector, so getting a new client to notice our agency can be a challenge. If you establish a correct marketing strategy, you will make your services stand out from those offered by other real estate companies.
  • Helps close more sales and establish deals. Obviously, all these techniques will help you to close more sales with users or establish agreements with real estate sellers.

The best real estate marketing strategies

Next, we show you the best real estate marketing strategies:

Offline real estate marketing actions

With the term “offline” we refer to those actions that are not related to the digital world. Despite the fact that some techniques have been used for quite some time, the truth is that they cause good effects when it comes to attracting new clients and making our real estate agency known.

Led signs for shop window

Do you have a business at street level? In that case, we recommend setting up some led signs in your real estate store window. It is an excellent option to attract new customers.

Advertising in brochures

In this case we must take into account several factors. If we distribute a few simple brochures, it is more than likely that we will not be able to achieve the proposed objectives. In fact, most brochures end up in the trash can.

To be an effective real estate marketing ad, we must have an excellent design and text that is attractive and captures the user’s attention the moment it is received.

Avoid using those typical sales expressions, since they do not generate a positive impression of the company.

Run workshops

You can take advantage of your office space to organize workshops. The topics of each of these activities can be related to your sector, or they can also be oriented to the interests of your potential clients.

Sponsor events

Another of the offline real estate marketing actions is sponsoring different events. When we talk about sponsorship it does not mean stamping your real estate logo on a t-shirt. You must get involved in the event being held, set up your own stand, and take the opportunity to network. One of the most frequent options is to collaborate with sporting events, although you can choose the one that most interests your clients.

Invest in a good presentation

The first impression is everything. For this reason, we recommend that you prepare a presentation in which you tell the story of your company and its philosophy. Take the opportunity to highlight those strengths that differentiate you from other real estate agencies. All the information will be gathered in a real estate dossier. This document must contain at least the following information:

  • Information about the local market and sales comparisons in the area where your agency works.
  • Compilation of relevant information so that potential clients consider that the offer meets their needs.
  • Data about the real estate agency that transmit confidence to the user.

Obviously, this type of document can contain much more information. If you do not know how to do it correctly, we recommend that you leave it in the hands of a professional.

Hire advertising media

Another method to reach a larger number of clients is to hire advertising spaces. Ideally, you should do it in local media. This method is especially useful to attract older people who are not so related to the online world.

Edit a real estate magazine

You can launch a real estate magazine with relevant information for your audience. You will have to worry about generating novel content and that is of interest. In addition, it is also important that it presents an attractive format and that it is easy to read.

Organize your own events and parties for clients

A good way to retain customers is to organize events or parties. You can tell your guests to come accompanied, this way, your chances of reaching more people will increase.


Digital real estate marketing actions

As we have mentioned previously, the digital world has permeated this sector. More and more real estate agencies are turning to online real estate marketing techniques to reach a wider audience. Within this scope we can use a large number of methods. Surely many of you already know them, but others, on the other hand, can go unnoticed. Are you interested in knowing what they are? We have created the following list with the most outstanding ones:

Create a real estate blog

Within your Skymarketing website you should dedicate a section to creating a blog. With content marketing, you will offer valuable information to your client, and the best of all is that he receives it for free. Remember the principle of reciprocity: if a person gets something for free, they unconsciously generate a feeling of gratitude and want to return the favor.

On the other hand, through this type of content we will show that our agency is made up of a team of excellent professionals. Users will see you as a benchmark within the real estate sector and this will make you stand out from others.

Of course, it is not enough to introduce relevant information, you need to pay attention to the way the content is written so that it is not an arduous reading and, of course, it must be well written. Otherwise, it will detract from the credibility of what is being said.

We leave you a list of topics that you can talk about on your real estate blog:

  • Industry news.
  • Relevant information about the sale or rental process.
  • Home decoration and styles: how to furnish a small apartment, how to paint the rooms, what styles are recommended, how to decorate a rental apartment …
  • Tips to prepare your home for cold or heat.
  • Recommendation to acoustically isolate your home.
  • DIY decoration ideas.
  • Plant care.
  • Kitchen Recipes.
  • Tips for cleaning and ordering the home.

Sending ebooks

In addition to creating content for the blog, another of the most successful methods in the digital world is ebooks. This book is downloadable for the user and contains relevant information about the sector, so it can serve as a guide.

We advise you to enter it for free. The user will only have to fill in a form in which they are asked for their name and email. It is a good way to increase followers so that, later, they receive our newsletter.

Real estate ebook ideas:

  • Guide to sell your house.
  • Guide to buying a new home.
  • Rent or buy? Advantages and disadvantages of each process.
  • Guide on decorating styles.
  • How a real estate agency works in the buying and selling process.


The real estate video has been a great boom. This is because through this format we can provide all kinds of information in a more enjoyable and dynamic way.

A good idea is to introduce it in your blog section or even create a specific channel on YouTube or IGTV with your real estate videos.

Thanks to this strategy you will be able to generate greater online visibility, increase the traffic of your website and retain customers.

You have to bear in mind that making a video of this type and that it really gets to the user is not an easy task. Sometimes the information presented can be somewhat complex, so we recommend that you pay attention to the following points:

  • If you want it to go viral, the video has to be fun. Still, be careful! You could make the customer look too casual.
  • The length should not be too long. Users who go to these contents want to solve their doubts almost immediately. Get to the point and do not delay in explaining irrelevant questions. On the other hand, the presentation or introduction cannot take up much time either.
  • Take out your creative side and try to make your video different from other agencies.
  • The narrator should use a pleasant tone. Before you start recording you need to have an established script, but be careful! It cannot seem that you are releasing information that you have memorized.
  • Take advantage of this content to insert a clear and simple call to action.

The types of videos that we can generate are: promotional, testimonial or explanatory and learning. With the first of them we will show some homes that we have and we will talk about our brand. The testimonial videos are perfect for some of our previous clients to reveal what their experience with our real estate agency has been. Finally, we can create explanatory videos on certain subjects that are of interest to the public we are going to address.

The best thing to create a quality video is that you have the help of an expert to advise you on the subject of assembly. In this way, the equipment used will be optimal and you will give a more professional image.

Use virtual tours

Did you know that your clients can visit a home online? This is possible with virtual tours for real estate.

Although, obviously, users prefer to go physically to visit the property, this tool may be useful for you.


Along with video, podcasts have managed to position themselves as one of the best marketing tools. The best thing about this content is that the user may be listening to information that interests them while carrying out another activity. For example, something very common is listening to a podcast while doing sports.

To make good content, you must have a quality microphone. We recommend generating several episodes within the same theme so that the user finds it more dynamic and entertaining.

On the other hand, you have to develop a script, but, as with the video, it should not appear that you are reading information. Use a natural tone, as if you are speaking to the person. On the other hand, variations of tones at the right moments will capture the user’s attention.

Create a list with different relevant topics to introduce in your podcasts. This material can serve as a complement to the real estate blog. You can also bring guests to your sessions who talk about specific topics such as legal issues, architecture, decoration, etc.


Among the offline real estate marketing techniques, we recommend creating workshops for clients. In addition, now you can do them online thanks to the endless applications that exist.

In this case, people who wish to participate only have to connect to a specific platform on a specific day and time. It is also possible to have some guests participate and at the end of the session establish a round of questions.

This type of tool is very useful, since people do not have to travel anywhere and attend an information session that will undoubtedly be of great help.

Real estate email marketing

We need to know how to do real estate email marketing correctly. Some companies choose to do home mailing, but this technique may not provide the best results.

Create different types of emails in which you really add value to the reader. You can tell him a story with a hook that ends up inviting him to take a certain action, for example, go to your blog, watch a video you have created, etc.

Real estate marketing in social networks

Of course, we cannot forget about social networks. Currently, almost all of our potential clients, regardless of age, will be in one of these networks. The first thing you have to do is select the one that you consider most relevant.

You can be in two or three networks at the same time, but remember that you will have to create different and adapted content for each of them. If you are able to do it, don’t hesitate to take the plunge. On the contrary, if you barely have time for social networks, we show you two options: delegate the task to a professional, or select only the network that you consider most important to your audience.

Also, you should know that this type of platform will not be used only to upload photos of your available homes. Remember that it is not a simple catalog. Take advantage of the networks to provide valuable content, spread a post on your blog, show the experiences of other customers, etc.

We show you which are the most used in the real estate sector:


You may be surprised to learn that a large number of homes are currently being sold thanks to this network. Make yourself a fan page so that interested users can follow you. Also, you can create a private group in which clients or users interested in our services join. This group is a perfect place to upload explanatory information or create a debate. The relationship with users will be strengthened and you will generate greater trust.

In order for your Facebook posts to reach potential clients, you must do real estate branding. Upload content every day, pay attention to the quality of photos and texts, make videos on Facebook Live , etc. In addition, you can offer faster and more direct communication through Facebook Messenger.

If we add Facebook ADS advertising campaigns to everything we have mentioned, the result will be extraordinary. Of course, they are not so simple to start. In the examples of marketing campaigns, we will talk about it.


It is a network that has evolved rapidly. This platform is perfect to convey greater closeness to your community. In addition to publications, make stories, reels and even direct.

Keep in mind that the audience of Instagram is very different from that of Facebook, so you will have to create other types of material. In general, in this social network we will find a younger community.

Establish an Instagram business profile to be able to measure and analyze all your actions. It is also advisable that you insert the contact buttons, you can choose between a phone number or an email.

The feed is an element that we must not neglect. All photos must be in harmony and present a similar range of colors. Select those shades that represent your company.

In the stories you can show your daily activity, photos of houses and even make surveys to your followers. Be careful with the filters! Although some give a more aesthetic aspect, others, on the other hand, can convey a too casual image of our agency.

Recently many companies have joined IGTV. In this section you can upload videos of more than 1 minute in length. Take advantage of this channel to expand your number of followers.

Finally, reels are not only used to create comic videos. If they are used correctly, we can create fun and useful material.

LinkedIn for real estate

As you know, this network is focused on the professional sector, so it is highly recommended that you create an account to interact with other professionals in the same sector.

It is a good opportunity to contact experts who come as guests to some of our workshops or webinars, don’t you think?


It is one of the most forgotten platforms. The truth is that in the real estate sector it is quite complex to get interaction with other users through this social network. Even so, think about whether it is worth opening a Twitter account in your case.

If you dare to participate in it, you can share the links to new entries on your blog, some reflections on the sector, relevant news …

And you, which social network do you choose?

Inbound real estate marketing

Do you know inbound marketing? It is popularly known as “attraction marketing” and consists of a set of techniques that will lead us to our ideal client or buyer persona. Also, this method is based on non-intrusive techniques unlike traditional advertising.

Inbound marketing is divided into 3 stages:

  • Attraction. Generate traffic through SEO techniques and content.
  • Conversion. Convert visitors into leads to maintain a long-term relationship with them.
  • Loyalty. Processes will be automated so that each lead receives specific information and becomes a final customer.

How to do good real estate marketing

These are the 5 keys to start doing real estate marketing:

Internal and external analysis

Do you really know all the aspects of your real estate agency? Make an annual diagnosis that allows you to analyze and compare data such as how many people enter the web, what type of home is more profitable, etc.

On the other hand, we must not only analyze our agency, but the market in general. Study your competition and detect their strengths and weaknesses.

Work the emotional part

We must work the emotional part with our clients, that is, try to establish a link between the two. Content marketing is the best option to achieve this purpose. Through the information you generate on your blog, emails or social networks, you can increase the feeling of trust.

Define your goals

Of course, before starting to program any strategy, you should be clear about your objectives. Try to make these specific, measurable, achievable and realistic in time. For example: increase blog visits by up to 20% through advertising campaigns in the next 3 months.

Study your client

As we have already mentioned, we cannot do real estate marketing if we do not know our ideal audience. It is not enough to define some basic characteristics, but it is necessary to go further and even deepen your tastes and hobbies . Remember that these data will be very useful to create content on networks, blog, videos or prepare workshops and events.

Select a strategy

The time has come for you to define what you are going to do to achieve the goals you have set for yourself. For this, it is necessary to establish a series of strategies and action plans as well as their deadlines, the budget that is available … In addition, we recommend keeping track of the actions you have selected to detect what the results are being with each one of they.

How to write real estate marketing texts

To write both the texts for your website and your blog or any other type of content you will have to take care of the style and spelling. A text in which the ideas do not follow a logical order, the sentences are agglomerated and some words are not written correctly will reduce credibility with the readers, despite the fact that the content itself is excellent.

Ideally, you should have the help of a professional in real estate SEO to position yourself among the first searches and, on the other hand, an expert in copywriting will make your writing much more attractive.

Here are some recommendations for writing real estate marketing texts. Don’t forget to take note!:

  • Set the specific tone in which you want to address the reader.
  • Insert “Call to action” buttons with texts that encourage the person to click on them. Thanks to these buttons many of the users will become end customers. Use imperative verbs, place them in a good position and create a simple and attractive design.
  • Create a section on your website “about us”. It is not about entering your entire professional resume. The text must be dynamic to entertain the reader. Highlight the strengths of your agency and show what the philosophy of your company is.
  • Any email or message to a user must be clear and concise. Avoid using too many negative expressions.
  • You can use the PAS (Problem, Agitation and Solution) technique to create a greater connection. To do this, identify what the problem or lack of your future client is, take advantage of the opportunity and agitate the problem making their need even more intense. Finally, offer yourself as a solution. Example: “Can’t find financing for a new home? If you want to buy an apartment but do not have enough savings, it is likely that you have considered other options such as rent. However, our agency offers real estate financed up to 100%. Contact us for more information. Our team of experts will help you buy the home you need”.
  • Avoid hackneyed expressions. Typically, real estate agencies use the same adjectives over and over again. Try to be more creative and come up with descriptions that awaken the reader’s senses. One trick is to use a thesaurus.

Check our marketing and advertising real estate phrases.

Examples of real estate marketing campaigns

Finally, we provide you with some examples of real estate marketing campaigns that you can carry out in your agency:

Campaign with Facebook ADS

It is one of the best marketing campaigns, since it will allow us to reach our target audience. The downside is that, as we have explained previously, they are not easy.

These are some basic keys to running a good campaign:

  • The first thing you have to do is specify what the client you want to address is like.
  • On the other hand, establish what you are looking for: visibility, engagement, website traffic, purchases, etc.
  • Choose the budget that you are going to invest in the Facebook campaign. Ideally, you should select a total budget for the period.
  • Select an audience type and where you want your ads to show. They can be Instagram, Messenger or Facebook platforms.

Example of a campaign on Facebook

So that you don’t have any doubts, we have created an example campaign. In this case we will focus on a real estate of luxury homes on the coast.

  1. Define objectives: Reach a greater number of users with a buyer profile through Instagram stories.
  2. In the campaign we will select scope, since what we want is to reach the largest number of users.
  3. We will select the bidding method as payment to allow us to decide what price to compete for.
  4. In audience, we will choose the geographical area to which we wish to go, that is, the one in which our homes for sale are located. Later, we will indicate the age range of our client: between 35-55 years. In marital status we will select married and in tastes or interests we will put: sport, brands, decoration, cuisine.
  5. Finally, we will create an ad design adapted to Instagram Stories in which the user only has to slide the image up to access this website.

Campaign through WhatsApp

It is no longer necessary to call users to attract customers. Now you can do it through WhatsApp.

Take the list of users who have given you their number and send them whatever information they consider relevant. It is not about saturating the user with messages. In fact, if we do this, it will likely end up blocking our number. After you have analyzed each profile, you will send some people a personalized message with content that they might be interested in. For example, if you know that a client wants to buy a house in the country for a specific price and a seller with this type of house has arrived at your agency, it is a good occasion to send him a message.

The WhatsApp messages also serve to announce workshops, webinars and other events.

Example of a campaign by WhatsApp:

Objective: Increase the number of attendees for a webinar on how to buy your first home. The goal will be for some of the attendees to become buyers.

Steps to follow:

  1. Review of our list of captured users.
  2. Select those clients between 30-40 years of age who have previously asked us for information about a home.
  3. Create a custom message for each of them:

“Good morning Carlos. Are you still looking for a home? If so, surely you will be interested in attending our next webinar “Keys to buying my first home”. We will have the assistance of great experts in the sector and, in addition, it is completely free. To register you only have to access our website and fill in the form through the following link: ———-

We will wait for you!”

Make zone

Some of your agents will take to the streets to distribute flyers, cards or paste posters.

Define a specific area where you know your target audience is. You can use applications like Google Maps to set the area of ​​each agent or set some sites as favorites.

Example to zone and be successful

Objective: To distribute our card to promote the agency.

  1. Delimit the area where our target audience is located through Google Maps.
  2. Design a real estate card with the most relevant information: company name, contact number, email and social networks.
  3. We will designate 2 agents for each area, who will ask users a series of questions before delivering the card. It will only be delivered to potential clients interested in buying or renting a property.

Questions for users:

  • Thinking of buying or renting a home recently?
  • Have you thought about what budget you want to invest?
  • What is the area where you want to buy or rent?
  • Do you know a family member, friend or close friend who is interested in buying or renting?


Real estate marketing will allow your agency to achieve greater success and achieve all the goals that you set for yourself. To carry out a real estate marketing campaign we must take into account several factors. In addition, there are a large number of strategies that we can go to.

Our recommendation is that you carry out both offline and online methods. Despite the fact that the digital world is increasingly present and has gained great relevance, there are other processes that provide great advantages, such as attending real estate fairs, organizing events and face-to-face workshops, etc. Of course, be encouraged to create content in videos, podcasts, webinars, as well as the use of other digital resources.

Following all the advice that we have provided; you will be very close to creating the real estate marketing campaign you need.

Looking for properties online to boost your business, find some of the best house listings in Georgia published on eXp Realty today. 

Have any thoughts on this? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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