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The future is digital

Technology is a connecting force that has kept businesses and their employees glued together regardless of the distance and time.

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The world is changing rapidly, and technology is a revolutionary force that refuses to go. The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the way businesses work. The companies have seen a drastic change in their operation and have undergone huge work transformations to stay in business.

One of the major trends observed globally during the pandemic was work from home or remote working. But if viewed from a bird’s eye, this work ethic was being practiced in some parts of the world even before the pandemic. The idea of remote working came into existence when technology began dominating the corporate sector. 

Keeping the social distancing situation in mind, companies provided leverage to their employees to work from home while conforming to the laws and being safe. While there were companies who readily adopted this new work ethic, there were a few who resisted the change. 

Remote working or work from home is the need of the hour. Not only does it allow a comfortable working environment for the employees but also allows them to work from anywhere in the world. One of the major perks of remote working is that it operates without geographical barriers. Many companies who comprehended the operation of remote working benefitted from it significantly during the pandemic. Whereas those who were hesitant and did not support the idea suffered monetary losses and employee loss.

Technology is a connecting force that has kept businesses and their employees glued together regardless of the distance and time. Although this is the future of business, there exist some companies which refuse to accept it and are still operating by the traditional methods. In contrast, modern thinking companies have taken a step towards the digital future and are functioning entirely without offices.

Fitting in the context completely is Shane Mac, an American investor, author, podcaster, and entrepreneur who aims to transform the traditional business environment to contemporary working, which involves zero offices and remote work. Shane believes in a critical thing: ‘ if you do not go all-in on remote, you will struggle.

Bringing Innovation in AI

Shane Mac is a known face in the world of information and technology. He has been in the field for more than a decade and knows how the world’s future would look. Born in Illinois in America, on May 31st, 1986, this talented individual had a knack for doing something revolutionary in the tech sector. 

Shane Mac studied at Western Illinois University. While studying for his degree, his interest in technology increased to the extent that he laid the foundation to join his first start-up called, which was funded by Paul Allen, the founder of Microsoft and the Foundry Group. Because of his passion and dedication, his venture became the first social CRM company to attract more than 100 million users. This venture’s fame captured Blackberry’s attention, who acquired it in 2010 for $44 million.

Shane was one of the few who stirred up a change in Artificial Intelligence. He founded ‘Assist’ on December 1st, 2013, with Robert Stephens, the founder of GeekSquad. He co-created a chatbot that helped people chat while being engaged in other activities such as shopping and traveling. This application is accessible through Facebook Messenger or SMS.

Shane worked with Assist and was the CEO for more than seven years and collaborated with leading tech companies such as Amazon, Google, Twitter, Facebook, and Apple. In 2019, Conversocial acquired Assist, where Shane was positioned as the Senior Vice President. 

Working to make the future digital was one of his driving forces. Shane was the one who built an AI operated keyboard that assisted users on dating apps. He was not fond of the usual robotic replies that the dating apps suggested and took it upon himself to create something that sounded more real and humanistic.

In 2017, Shane co-founded ‘Squared-Away’ with Michelle Penczak. The aim of this application was to provide a platform to the military spouses and eased their problems by connecting them to major businesses that required executive assistants for handling certain tasks. This application has a workforce of over 150 people and zero offices. 

Efforts to Introduce the Concept of Zero Offices

Currently, Shane has directed his focus on his company ‘Logos Labs.’ This is a funded venture that focuses on creating a future where remote working is a norm. A studio that starts companies remote-first and a fund that invests in companies defining the future of remote work. It operates on a remote-first business model and has started over five companies making millions in revenue.

The fund has a combined valuation of over $150 million and has invested in several companies powering the shift to a remote world. Such companies give people the freedom to live anywhere and access the best opportunities and companies in the world. One of the biggest drivers of diversity in the coming decade will be the ability for people to be hired and live anywhere.

In 2018, Shane had been appointed as the chairman of the board of New Degree Press. This is an education company started inside Georgetown University and has won the “Excellence in Entrepreneurship Education’ award by Usasbe under the guidance of the talented Shane Mac.

There is always room for innovations and improvements, and Shane Mac is an example of curating excellent ideas that would benefit the future of technology in the coming times.

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