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The future is the internet of things

We are all vast with what is the internet and the great things it enables us to do in the day to day operations. Another term that is rapidly gaining coverage in the world of technology is the Internet of things Companies otherwise known as IoT. This concept has impacted how we work and live.

This term refers to physical devices that are connected to the internet and collect and share data. The devices used usually are not expected to have any internet connection but they get dressed with the ability to operate with the internet independently without any human action.

Cheap processors and wireless networks have made it possible to transform anything into part of the IoT. These devices could be anything you could think of, such as a pill, lamps, coffee makers, wearable devices, headphones, cell phones, washing machines and any other possible thing you could imagine. IoT is simply a huge network of things connected.

Applications of the internet of things

So how has the IoT technology taken over our lives? Let us find out:

Smart Home

Smart homes are soon going to be a common phenomenon and smart home products are going to greatly aid in saving, time, money, and energy. Products used for smart home help to make life simpler. These products help to do simple operations such as switching off your lights even after you have left the house.


Today there are many products that have been launched to benefit the world of agriculture. With the help of smart sensors, it is now simple to tell the level of soil humidity, temperature and even qualify the soil. We even have automated irrigation systems.

Connected vehicles

The automotive digital technology is looking to enhance and improve the in-car experience. With good internet connectivity and onboard sensors, it is possible to enhance comfort and optimize operation.


Many companies are today heavily investing in building wearable devices. With wearables, sensors and software are placed in wearable items. The sensors gather certain information and data concerning the users. The collected data is analyzed to understand the behavior of users. These IoT products are providing great results in health, entertainment, and fitness.

Smart city

This cuts across a number of industries from waste management, environmental monitoring, traffic management, water management, and urban management. Smart city solutions help to relieve the pains of people living in cities and help in making cities safer.

Top Internet of Things Companies (IoT)

Some of the powerful IoT companies to watch include;

  1. Konux– it provides IoT solutions with the aim of enabling predictive maintenance for rail as well as industrial organizations.
  2. Huawei– it has an IoT platform that offers a full connection between people and things
  3. Nexiot– Its smart sensors technology monitors the location and behavior of assets.
  4. DHL– it has IoT devices that help to send data across networks.
  5. Hitachi – It has an IoT solution that transforms data into intelligence.

With IoT, people are going to understand more What is the Internet and this will greatly help to make people and things more productive, safer and generally better.

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