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The gaming industry can’t run without good hosting: Which one to choose?

While searching for the most suitable dedicated hosting provider, pay attention to those who offer gaming-focused plans and packages.

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From pure entertainment to an occupation: that’s in brief the road gaming industry went in the last 15-20 years. Currently, there’s no other form of entertainment that makes so much profit. Statistics say that the video games market is worth over 152 billion U.S. dollars at the moment, which is by 10.7% more than just a year earlier.

How big of an achievement this is can be best seen by comparing it to some other entertainment services like TV whose revenue fell by 8% in the same period. These figures shouldn’t be a surprise knowing that there are more than 2.5 billion video gamers across the world.

Increased Popularity of the Gaming Industry

The popularity of some industries is also measured by the amount of investment that comes to it. As for video gaming, it has globally seen 9.6 billion U.S. dollars in investments, with the United States overtaking China as the biggest gaming market. The U.S. gaming market generated 36.9 billion dollars in 2019, while China’s government interfered to freeze licensing on new games in the first seven months this year as a measure of reducing the time their children spend in front of screens. This put a hold on game sale in the country that was climbing 14% per year prior to the government’s intervention.

With this amount of money going around in the gaming industry, many companies whose niches are tied to gaming see numerous opportunities to make a profit. Logically, industries and companies that have most of the benefits from the rising popularity of gaming are game developers, gaming device suppliers, semiconductor companies, and hosting providers.

We can freely say that gaming is the mass medium of the 21st century that made a breakthrough with the rise of multiplayer gaming in which players meet online to compete, select teams, devise strategies, and conduct them over voice chats. This led to making some players better than the others and they decided to monetize their skills and make a living from playing video games professionally. The example of the highest-earning gamer in the world Kuro “KuroKy” Takhasomi is the best proof for the claim. This German player has won more than 4 million U.S. dollars in 2018. 

Good Gaming Servers Are the Basis for Multiplayer Video Games

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Speaking of multiplayer video games, they can’t run without good game servers. But, before we start to elaborate pros and cons of the two most common solutions for hosting game servers, which are home-based server and professional server, let’s clarify one thing that can turn the gaming business upside down. We’re talking about a subsection of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) that prohibits two actions in regard to video gaming. Everything on how to deal with these issues is explained here. DMCA ignored hosting is what you need to fight claims that you violate treaty provisions 17 U.S.C. § 1201(a)(1)(A) and 17 U.S.C. § 1202 of DMCA.

In simple words, the first treaty provision prohibits circumventing protected access to copyright material that can be found in software, hardware or firmware. As for the second treaty provision, it prohibits the use of copyright material from which copyright management information was removed or modified, or to which incorrect copyright management information was added. 

Just like any networking program, multiplayer video games work on the user-to-server principle that consists of separate things that both parties handle. Users take control of graphics, sound, and controls, while servers (computer engines on servers) keep track of the players and the game sense. They do it through the rules, the position of the players, and action of the game.

Should You Host the Game Server at Home?

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It’s possible to host a game server on the home-based computer but it isn’t recommended and is highly difficult for numerous reasons of which three stand out:

1) Unavailability – This reason is in connection with a technical aspect. Hosting a server on a network at home might make it impossible for other players to reach you. This happens because the wi-fi router at your home is set to block the ports used by the game. So, if you don’t know how to disable this router setting for playing video games, you won’t be able to provide a proper hosting service. 

2) Security – You already guessed that this item concerns possible hacking attacks to which gamers are prone just as any business. Game servers are high on the list of hackers as attack targets. If you’re a gamer who hosts a game server, you likely won’t have enough expertise to maintain the necessary level of security let alone to prevent any kind of hacking attack.

3) Hardware Failure – Even though you might have top of the line hardware which you provide to users as host, it won’t endure lots of players at the same time. You’ll face some sort of failure because your machine will be pushed to the limits. Simply, the machine will overheat while the electricity bills you’ll have to pay will be extremely high. 

Professional Hosting Providers

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This all leads to the conclusion that professional hosting providers are of the essence to run the gaming industry without setbacks. Contemplating on types of pro servers that exist at the moment, we endorse a dedicated server as the best solution for top gaming performance.

A dedicated server practically offers you to rent a computer that will be solely at your disposal. There are no more users, no more websites lying on that server as with a shared server. Dedicated servers provide more power and control than other servers but are the most expensive.

Hosting plans based on this type of server not only have more space, resources, and bandwidth but also allow you to customize the environment, even to choose the server operating system, because you get root access to the server. You don’t compete with other users for page load speed. Servers on which dedicated hosting plans operate have tech support at your disposal and specialized data centers who run computers 24/7/365.

All in all, dedicated servers are what you need to endure a game that has a lot of players involved simultaneously. Unlike when you decide to host the game by yourself, the agreement that you signed with a professional web hosting company will protect your rights in case of any kind of failure. 

Look for Gaming-Focused Hosting Packages

While searching for the most suitable dedicated hosting provider, pay attention to those who offer gaming-focused plans and packages. They offer scalable game hosting solutions combined with an ultra-low latency network, high performance, one dashboard, multi-cloud platform and many more features that common dedicated hosting lacks or offers in a lighter form.

Due to all this, gaming-focused hosts will deploy game servers easier thanks to all the features that we have just mentioned.

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