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The GPS tracking device: For tracking people, property and toilet paper?

It’s time to invest in a tool that will allow you to keep track of the things that matter to you most. Meet the GPS tracking device.

geozilla gps tracker on backpack
Image: Joe Rice-Jones / KnowTechie

These are strange times. 

The coronavirus is raging around the world, sending people into a panic. Governments are putting their people on mandatory lockdowns. School has been canceled. The shelves at grocery stores are being pillaged of everything from canned vegetables to bottled water to feminine hygiene products. 

Toilet paper is more valuable than beer. 

Yes, these are strange days when people feel like they’ve got to count and keep track of their toilet paper. But they will pass and things will eventually return to normal. At least that’s what the big-brained medical experts say. It will take some time and things will get better–but not until they get worse. 

And that’s why you should be doing everything possible to protect yourself, your loved ones and your property. Stock up on supplies. Secure your family and friends. And make sure you know where your property is at all times. 

In other words, it’s time to invest in a tool that will allow you to keep track of the things that matter to you most. 

What is a GPS Tracker?

The best GPS tracking device is a piece of equipment that’s ideal for monitoring and recording the whereabouts of everything from vehicles to electronics to children to even the elderly. It combines the latest technology with a sleek design to allow you to keep tabs on almost anything you want–and do it in real-time.

Some devices are large and cumbersome, but those that are the most practical are about three inches by one-and-a-half inches by one inch. In other words, they are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. It’s small and nondescript enough to be easily hidden inside a bag, backpack or box; quickly attached to a vehicle, or carried in a pocket. And it weighs less than a quarter of a pound. 

They are also built to last. 

The device is powered made from heavy-duty materials and comes with an extended battery that can last up to eight days, depending on how many updates you choose to receive. 

How Does it Work? 

Once you’ve secured your very own GPS tracking device. You’ll also need a monthly subscription to an app that provides you with frequent updates on the location of your GPS tracker. How much you pay each month depends on how often you want to be updated: 

  • 60-second updates cost $19.99 a month; 
  • 30-second updates cost $24.99 a month;
  • 15-second updates cost $29.99 a month; and 
  • five-second updates cost $34.99 a month. 

Using an intuitive interface, Google mapping services, and a long-lasting battery, you can literally know with precision where your loved one or property is every five seconds. And there are no contracts, activation fees or penalties for canceling your subscription. 

What Can You Track? 

If you’re wondering what a GPS tracker can track, the answer is almost anything. For example, the 4G LTE GPS Tracker is one of the most innovative tracking devices on the market. It’s fast. It’s easy to use. It gives you control over what variables you track and how often you receive updates. You can:

  • identify up to 20 unique geo-fencing zones for which you’ll get an alert when the device enters them, 
  • receive an alert any time the device is with someone (or attached to something) that reaches a specified speed, 
  • get “harsh braking” notifications so you’ll know if the device is in or attached to a vehicle being driven in an aggressive or distracted manner, and
  • receive notifications when the device starts moving, stops moving and its proximity to defined boundaries. 

And all of the information and data is presented in an easy-to-understand manner. You can access your data on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or personal computer. You’ll be able to watch the data in real-time or record it. You can respond immediately or look for trends over time. 

But most importantly, you’ll be able to keep track of the people and property that matters to you most. 

What About the Specs? 

Modern-day tracking devices are no longer inefficient or ineffective “toys” you’d order from Brookstone. They are high-quality, high-tech tools that are engineered to use the internet to work and exceed your expectations–every day, without exception. 

Here’s a look at the 4G LTE GPS Tracker Specifications: 

  • GPD Frequency: 900/1800 MHz,
  • Water Resistance: IP5, 
  • Battery: Li-Polymer: 2600 mAh,
  • Motion Detection: 3-Axis accelerometer, 
  • Geo-Fence Capability: Up to 20 zones, and 
  • Operating Temperature: Between -4 and 131 degrees Fahrenheit.

What does this mean to you? It means you’ll have an accurate, fast, waterproof tracking device that can help you protect people and property. 

Who Needs a GPS Tracking Device? 

geozilla gps tracker with accessories
Image: Joe Rice-Jones / KnowTechie

Maybe you think a tracking device isn’t necessary. You might be right–if you don’t have people or property in your life that you want to protect. 

In the days of old, there were three groups of people that used tracking devices: international spies, narcotics investigators and private investigators tracking down cheating husbands. 

These aren’t the days of old. 

Now you’ll find everyone from fleet managers to parents to everyday people using the devices to keep tabs on a variety of things. 

Parents use them to make sure their children make it to school, are safe at the playground and are driving safely. Businesses large and small use them to keep track of their fleet of vehicles, tools and equipment. Suspicious lovers use them to assuage their deepest fears. 

Anyone can use them to track whatever they want to track. 

Who Has Your Back? 

If you’re going to invest in the 4G LTE GPS Tracker, you’re going to want to make sure someone has your back–and this slick little device comes with a lifetime’s worth of warranty and support. 

In the unlikely event that your device doesn’t work properly, you’ll have an expert at your beckon call 24 hours a day, every single day of the year. And if you can’t fix the problem together, you can get a refund for 100 percent of both your hardware and subscription charges. 

Who has your back? The answer is the 4G LTE GPS Tracker and the engineers who developed it. 

These are strange days. The coronavirus is sweeping across the country and around the world leaving laid off, desperate people in its wake. Don’t let them take advantage of you and your loved ones. Invest in a tracking device that can give you some peace of mind. And more importantly, it can protect the things that matter most. 

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