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The immense market of tradable Facebook accounts

Facebook accounts for sale constitute a huge market

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Have you ever thought that a Facebook account and page are goods and tradable items? We may consider these as assets. Have you ever thought that Facebook accounts and pages are traded constantly and the turnover may reach millions of dollars? Sounds crazy but it is true and Facebook accounts are traded every day just as cars. 

Facebook Accounts for Sale: Who buys them

There is a huge demand for Facebook accounts on the Internet. But who exactly are the buyers? And why do they need Facebook accounts? Well, the buyers who are interested in Facebook accounts can be divided into several main groups:

  • Advertisers. Individuals or companies who advertise on Facebook with huge budgets and huge demand in Facebook advertising accounts. They buy accounts just to get access to the advertising panel and push traffic to their business. The more accounts they run the more traffic and sales they drive.
  • Developers. Individuals or companies who build some software or tools that operate on the Facebook social platform for some business purpose. Usually, this purpose may include user data, social media interactions (likes, followers, etc), political influence, spam. Depending on the business goals these teams tend to create botnets, spam tools, parsing tools, etc.
  • Traders. Surprisingly such digital assets as Facebook accounts or Facebook pages can be traded exactly in the same way as real things. Professionals understand the value of the secondary market. They call these products as old facebook accounts or aged Facebook accounts. What is more important, they have a whiskey-like price concept. The older the account the higher price will be paid. Why? Because old accounts are trusted and have better chances not to get blocked by Facebook.
  • SMM Agencies. This group of buyers seeks accounts in order to perform their marketing activities on a scale. This can be Facebook pages, fan pages, promotion, and other marketing campaigns that require dozens of Facebook accounts. 
  • Internet Users and Anonymous. Yet another group of customers is interested in anonymity. They buy Facebook accounts just to hide their personalities from unwanted attention. Using fake accounts they surf social media freely. Either they may use these fake accounts for bullying on Facebook and not getting caught. 

So, there are plenty of people and teams and companies who may need facebook accounts. But where do you buy these social media pages? 

How to Buy Facebook Accounts in Bulk

If there is a demand there will be a supply. Thus, there are plenty of stores and marketplaces ready to offer you Facebook accounts for sale. Surprisingly, but there is still no monopoly on this market. Yet, of course, this is not regulated with prices and offers. For this reason, this still reminds of the Wild West era. But even in such a grey market you may find reliable and trusted suppliers. For instance, there are few players that provide a wide range of services and help you buy Facebook accounts in bulk:

Why are these websites different from other suppliers? First off, they are marketplaces. Secondly, they have cheap prices and vast stocks. Also, you may communicate with their support and request samples, discounts, and special bulk prices. 

Is it legal to buy Facebook accounts

Buying accounts on Facebook does not violate any law of any state, country, or province. Today there is no law or institution that would regulate the trading of Facebook accounts. But be advised that this is against the terms and policy of Facebook. Which means this social media platform can suspend the traded accounts and ban resources that offer accounts for sale. Yet, this is a question of morality. 

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