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The impact of technology in the essay writing business

Here’s everything you need to know.

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Essay writing is one of the fastest-growing business today, and the demand for essay writers is increasing on a daily. Taking a step back, students had to deal with writing their own essays which most times proved to be difficult, and some of them would not be able to meet the deadlines.

Sometimes, some would reach out to a friend to help them with writing the essay, but this was quite a hassle. Fortunately, today, there are many essay writing services available online that are easily accessible. All you need to access these services is a smartphone and an internet connection, and that’s it.

The advancements in digital technology have not only helped the students but have also helped the online essay writers as well and here’s how:

Better ways to find customers

It is with no doubt that essay writers used to have a difficult time in the past before getting clients. Can you imagine the effort they had to put in before convincing a client? Perhaps they had to walk around to places where students hang out and try to sell their services to them which in most cases probably turned out to be futile.

Truth be told, in the world we live in, it is very difficult trusting someone you do not know, especially when it comes to business. Today, however, things have changed; the essay writers can now find clients in the online space. Most essay writing service providers have well-designed websites which help them acquire the right clients, again, thanks to technology. So much, so, the writers also use social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram to market their services to potential clients. 

Easy access to resources

Before, for one to write an essay, they had to head to the library to get books that they could use to do their research. This is not to say that you can’t do the same today, but to highlight how easy it has become to do research since the birth of the internet.

There is always some new information being released on the internet every second, meaning that writers are now able to be updated on any new information that they might need to write the essays. So much so, there are many e-books available online that they can download within seconds and start researching the information that they need to include in the client’s essays.

This has, in turn, saved the writes a lot of time that they would have otherwise used to go and get the books from libraries.

Better communication channels

There are many channels through which the essay writers can communicate with their clients today, some of which include emails, texts, Skype, hangouts, calls, and so on. As such, communication has become seamless as the clients can reach out to the writers at any given time and get the necessary feedback.

Additionally, the essay writing companies always have a 24/7 customer support meaning that the communication is around the clock. In case of any corrections, they are able to do it and resubmit the work in a short time. This, as a result, has made the trust and the relationship between the writers and clients thrive.  

Many proofreading tools

Writing is a skill, and for you to come up with a perfect essay, you need to learn these skills. In writing, some errors cannot be tolerated; spelling mistakes, lack of a good flow and plagiarism to mention a few. There are many proofreading tools available online today, meaning that writers are now able to deliver error-free pieces to their clients.

Some of the proofreading tools are free while for some, you have to pay a small amount to access the premium accounts which have advanced proofreading and editing tools. So much so, these tools also highlight incidences of plagiarism, repetition, poor sentence structure, and so on. 

More secure payment channels

The same way that clients always find it hard trusting service providers when it comes to giving them money is the same way writers are always worried if they will get paid for the services they offer. However, with the many payment channels today, it has become easier for both parties to trust each other in terms of payments. 

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