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The importance of electronic devices during the lockdown

The digital era does more than just allow us to access valuable information instantly

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Everything has changed since the crisis caused by COVID-19 became a worldwide pandemic – including the way we stay in touch with friends and family. Electronic devices such as computers, phones, smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs have become a window to the world which enables us to connect with friends and relatives as well as giving us the chance to interact with new people. Luckily, in this digital era, the internet offers us the ability to meet up virtually and have some very rewarding experiences.

No matter where you are right now, from Scotland to Australia, confinement is the only preventative measure that has been successful so far. Because of this unique situation, the demand for online escort services has increased in Glasgow, Sydney and other places around the world, positioning themselves as a great alternative to keep interacting with other people, boosting one’s mental health and avoiding isolation. 

Mobile apps play a fundamental role in this aspect. Statistics show this in the number of downloads from app stores relating to messaging or video calling apps. This is the most valuable resource we have at our disposal at this time, not only from a work and educational point of view but from any other, too, as we need social links in order to feel happy.

We can see that a special person’s face through our phone screen; the person you may not have seen in weeks due to self-isolation or social distancing. Technology can’t replace hugs and kisses, but it gets us closer to the sensation of physical presence that we so long for.

Many people who had never used mobile apps or chats in the past have now decided to try their luck in love and friendship using these platforms. The number of new users is gradually increasing every day of the preventative isolation measures, which shows they are a way of maintaining social interaction.

Looking for dates online isn’t new, but its importance has been further reinforced in recent times. Faced with the impossibility of going to a restaurant to enjoy a romantic dinner, or having a passionate encounter in a luxury hotel in the city, options are reduced to interacting via chats and video calls. 

You can share a few beers with friends over webcam, enjoy sporting events in real-time, or simulate a romantic date with the person of your choice. Using these platforms to keep our spirits up while we’re at home. 

Having intimate relationships digitally can have a positive impact on mental health, as well as enabling us to keep practicing our flirting skills during a lockdown. The digital era does more than just allow us to access valuable information instantly, it also offers us endless possibilities for finding interesting people online and reducing that feeling of loneliness. 

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