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The largest blockchain-based metaverse is coming, according to one founder

Blockverse, the largest Blockchain-based Metaverse ever created, is on its way, says its founder Erik Daniel Garcia.

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The CEO of EG Entertainment claims the Blockverse concept, which was pitched to and rejected by Disney in 2013, is fully underway. Garcia has built his own team of designers, developers, creatives, and blockchain specialists to bring the plans to reality.

Garcia describes Blockverse as a “multi-planetary blockchain metaverse.” Initial launch plans include a play-to-earn augmented reality (AR) experience. Expansion into virtual reality will follow. 

Players will travel seamlessly from one planet to another. As they explore the worlds of creators, celebrity brands, and influencers, they can discover and collect cryptocurrency stashes. 

“Blockverse will include hundreds of branded planets,” said Garcia. “The boundaries will continue to expand—like the universe itself,” he said. “The ability to find and collect valuable cryptocurrencies will help Blockverse become a preferred destination in the metaverse.

“Blockverse landowners and users will be able to earn ongoing passive income, something I’ve always wanted to help people create for themselves,” said Garcia.”

Garcia’s original vision did not include blockchain and cryptocurrency, but the technology’s meteoric rise has grabbed his attention.

He realized blockchain, crypto, and NFTs were critical components for long-term success and so has embarked on partnerships to incorporate multiple tokens and the blockchain architecture. 

Beyond leading Blockverse, Garcia runs a social video agency, EG Entertainment. He has managed and created social media marketing campaigns for high-profile brands like L’Oréal Paris, Don Julio Tequila, ‘Val’ (documentary), Fuller Brush Co., and several celebrities and professional athletes. 

In 2015, he created La Chancla, the most downloaded Latino game app in history. He also owns and operates two of the top video platforms in the legal and medical industries and serves on the board of TBI Med Legal, the largest traumatic brain injury conference in the world for lawyers and doctors. 

Garcia plans to leverage his social media marketing expertise, along with his business, celebrity, and influencer connections, to grow the Blockverse community. Follow @bv_metaverse on Twitter for launch information.

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