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The many benefits of IT staffing agencies

An IT staffing company can help connect companies with the ideal candidates who possess the necessary skills to meet their specific needs

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With a shrinking pool of available talent and a tightened labor market, it’s only getting more and more difficult for companies to find not only new employees but the right new employees.

The search for these employees is expensive and time-consuming. According to a recent study by the Society for Human Resource Management, the average cost-per-hire is over $4,000, while the average time it takes to fill a position spans over 40 days. Even if an employee is successfully hired, there are still additional costs for the hiring company in training, hardware, and time.

For these reasons and many more, many companies in today’s modern world are turning to third-party organizations for their IT staffing services, such as BairesDev. The right IT staffing company can help an organization find the best talent available for an open position even in the most challenging of markets and job opportunities.

Top 4 Reasons to Work With IT Staffing Companies

There are many reasons why a company that offers IT staffing services can become a great resource for businesses of all sizes and industries. These companies give organizations access to valuable talent while reducing many stressful factors.

  1. Save Time – One of the most advantageous reasons to work with an IT staffing company is the time savings it can bring. While organically hiring to fill a role may take up to 42 days to find the right candidate for the job, it may take only a few days for a professional staffing company. This saves time spent by in-house company leadership during the interview process in the search for the ideal employee. An IT staffing company takes care of all of this for organizations instead.

Staffing agency recruiters also help save time during this process as they continue to stay updated with the latest trends in the information technology industry. It can sometimes prove to be a difficult task for in-house staff members to find a candidate with the right or most updated skill set for a specific contract. Recruiters help organizations fill positions with skills that match the current industry as well as the tasks at hand within their business.

Additionally, staffing companies typically take care of the incredible amount of paperwork required during the hiring process. As many positions in IT are contract work or for a short term, simply having the paperwork taken care of saves businesses quite a bit of time.

  • Save Money – Another one of the top reasons why businesses choose to work with IT staffing companies is money. A good IT staffing agency serves as a human resources department if a business is lacking one. It is able to manage things like attracting the right candidates, dealing with the hiring process, handling any terminations that are required, and other functions.

This reduces costs for organizations as they are not required to have an in-house human resources departments, thus requiring fewer costs in health insurance and other typical employee benefits.

An IT staffing agency also improves company efficiency as it reduces the need for additional training time. They also typically ensure that the correct candidate arrives for their first day with the necessary training to be able to seamlessly step into the work environment on day one. Flexible staffing also saves companies money as teams that use these services can be scaled as needed.

  1. Lower Risk –  Hiring the right candidate for a job can cost a company tens of thousands of dollars as well as valuable time and effort. Hiring the wrong candidate costs even more and requires the company to go through the process all over again. An IT staffing organization helps businesses connect with vetted candidates while allowing for a temporary hiring process. This trial period helps companies decide if a candidate is a right fit for them without taking on all of the risks involved with an outright hire.
  2. Expertise and Accountability – An IT staffing company depends on the success of its clients with the candidates they provide. This makes them incredibly accountable for their decisions while making their clients the top priority. The expertise of a staffing company that specializes in IT staffing services also transcends the capabilities of a typical in-house human resources department. While an in-house department may know the ins and outs of the organization that they are hiring for, they may lack the technical knowledge required for hiring a specific position or task.

Modern businesses rely upon skilled employees to help them stay competitive in their industry while achieving their strategic goals. In the world of information technology, an IT staffing company can help connect companies with the ideal candidates who possess the necessary skills to meet their specific needs. This saves organizations, time, money, and stress in the long run.

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