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The Midi Fighter: A retro toy with future potential

The Midi Fighter is a musical controller that uses custom hardware, software, and specially-designed game modes to create an “easier” yet more expressive way to produce music on your computer.

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The midi fighter is a retro toy that has potential for the future. It’s an instrument, not just a game controller. There are many different ways to play it, and it can be used in creative ways with digital music production software like Ableton Live.

This article will explore this topic in-depth by discussing how midi fighters work, what they’re capable of doing, and where you can find midi fighter on sale that is perfect for you!

What is the Midi Fighter

The Midi Fighter is a musical controller that uses custom hardware, software, and specially-designed game modes to create an “easier” yet more expressive way to produce music on your computer. The midi fighter consists of eight rocker keys, four buttons, plus the option for users to attach their own drum pad or other compatible accessories. 

Ideal for musicians who want something versatile on which to play drums and guitar parts on one controller can act as both feet on a bass pedalboard or use it in combination with its built-in expression pedals for continuous control over volume or pitch bending their synth lines live. 

How to use the Midi Fighter

The Midi Fighter uses the QWERTY keyboard layout, with naturally-sized keys which are arranged to fit nicely on a folding, portable device. It makes it very easy to learn how to play because you can see all of the buttons intuitively laid out before you.

There is also an advanced mode that offers more layers for each key and additional triggers around the perimeter of the device.

This mode is designed for people who are more familiar with music production software packages like Ableton Live or Logic Pro X, Pro Tools etc., so they can map these specific functions onto their controller rather than having them available systemwide. 

The future of the Midi Fighter

The future of the Midi Fighter is one where it will be seamlessly integrated into other screens, allowing you to play music using your finger or hand gestural movements. It’s up to the developer which direction they might want to go in.

It can either function as a standalone controller (and I’m not talking about Windows Media Center), an external controller like the Ion, or be built-in like microphones and lighting rigs with a MIDI interface.

The iOS demo released by Moog Music earlier this year showcased how integrated Midi Fighters with their music application allowed for a truly immersive experience that wasn’t possible on any other digital device before. 

Tips for using the MIDI fighter in a live performance setting

  • Tip 1: Use the joystick on a controller or separate MIDI device.
  • Tip 2: Map buttons and D-pad to melody and drums only, without chords. 
  • Tip 3: Let the computer play bassline (or substitute with percussion). 
  • Tip 4: Always program a good intro, outro, and stop sequence! Ending can be abrupt as the computer will stop playing music at some point. 
  • Tip 5: In live performance settings, it’s always a good idea to make sure MIDI fighters are setup as far from the stage as possible. The accidental or intentional bumping of devices mid-show can be distracting for audiences and performers alike, so the farther away you have them, the better.
  • Tip 6: Make sure you have reliable backups of your system before any show… it is possible bugs might cause random crashes or other problems that could happen during a live performance setting.

Where can I get my own MIDI Fighter

You can buy MIDI Fighters from various retailers, but we recommend you purchase them directly from the manufacturer. Orders are processed quickly and efficiently, for a much better experience than ordering elsewhere.

Any time an order is processed too slowly or inefficiently there’s always a middleman involved – that’s why it’s best not to waste time with third-party retailers. 

However if you are looking for midi fighters on sale, in order to save up and get the best possible deal, make sure to check out all available options and compare prices before you make the purchase.

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