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The most effective methods to level up fast in Lost Ark

There is no doubt about it: grinding is an important part of Lost Ark power leveling. 

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If you play the game Lost Ark, you might be confused about how to level up fast and the most effective methods. Don’t worry, in this article, we will give you some important tips that will help you level up fast in Lost Ark.

What is the greatest level in Lost Ark?

Currently, it is level 50. There is a possibility that it will be increased in a future update. However, if you want to just get through Lost Ark comfortably and easily, you don’t need to wait for any updates or make your way through hundreds of levels in a frenzy before they’re raised again. 

You can jump right into Lost Ark and enjoy yourself at whatever level you’re able to get up to – because no matter what level you reach in Lost Ark, there’s going to be a boss waiting for you. And that’s something all players have in common, whether they’ve been playing for days or weeks. 

Even better, if you follow our guide below, you’ll never have to fight with other characters over Lost Ark leveling resources ever again. No more begging for help from friends who are already maxed out on progression. Everything we show here can be done by yourself using mostly in-game methods.

How to level up in Lost Ark

lost ark gameplay
Image: Smilegate

You can level up faster by completing main quests or sub-quests. You will need to spend time in addition to money on these ways, but it is an effective way of getting yourself stronger.

Apart from that, you can use a daily reward system and claim free rewards every day by playing Lost Ark every day. The type of reward will be different every day so don’t miss out on it. 

Spend some time looking around shops as well because there are many items inside them which are useful during battles.

If you have time, you can try spending time on quests that are given to you, or if you have money, then you can use it on reputation farming. Keep in mind that these methods take a long period of time. 

If you don’t have enough free time, then I suggest focusing on claiming your daily rewards since they are quick and require no effort at all.

Remember not to forget about shops as well because they offer items which will be very useful in battles and they might also provide more helpful tips and tricks.

You can explore, craft items, and raise your stats. Raising your stats is easiest for me. These will help tremendously with regard to exploring as well.

Hunting wild creatures requires a lot of running around; not only that, but some of them are very hardy, so it’s easy to become discouraged if you keep dying over and over again. 

Try hunting herbivores until you get yourself a good bow and some arrows, then go after carnivores (and be sure to tame one at some point). The good thing about using a bow is that it doesn’t drain stamina, so you can crouch in one spot and shoot all day long. 

Just be sure you watch out for giants – they seem pretty resistant to arrows. And don’t try killing anything too big right away. Even though bows don’t use up any stamina at all, they do still use some whenever you fire an arrow or even just drawback your bowstring.

Don’t let your character boost stand there like an idiot firing arrow after arrow into something that might take dozens or even hundreds of shots before it dies. 

Only pull back on an arrow when there’s no other option available, and as soon as it leaves the string run in another direction.

If needed pull back on another arrow while moving away from whatever’s chasing you – assuming you have more than one option available to run toward.

It’s all about completing quests

lost ark footage
Image: Smilegate

Each level requires a certain number of points. Every character has its own set of quests, and if you don’t complete them all within a certain amount of time, your character’s experience bar will stop rising until you do. 

It’s worth noting that each quest gives you more than enough XP for one level-up, so it doesn’t matter how many times you complete one. Just make sure not to miss any!

It also helps to have friends on hand because they can send you private messages when they have new quests available; they might even take some of yours off your hands. 

On top of that, every five minutes or so you’ll get a bonus (which varies based on what level you are), and every three levels or so you’ll get an extra perk point that lets you customize your character by selecting from different skills points. 

So don’t waste too much time dilly-dallying—and remember: it’s always better to stay at high levels. By completing events regularly in between leveling up, you’ll keep getting great rewards without having to grind much at all.

But there is no doubt about it: grinding is an important part of Lost Ark power leveling. 

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