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The most expensive AWP skin in CSGO — AWP | Dragon Lore

CSGO players know that rare skins are often like a badge of honor. This, however, is one of the rarest and most expensive AWP skins currently available.

image of a video game depecting a man holding gun in war battle area

AWP Dragon Lore has been at the top of the list of the most famous and coveted weapon skins for several years.

After all, this coloring is not only aesthetically perfect, but at the same time it is a very rare and expensive skin from the operation “Breakout”.

A bit of history

In turn, AWP qualifies as one of the most powerful rifles in the shooter. It is able to destroy an enemy unit with a single hit to any part of the body, except the legs. Even if the enemy is wearing armor. It is available for both teams and allows you to shoot underwater.

However, the mechanics of handling the AWP in CS GO has been heavily modified in order to give the gameplay even more realism. For example, an extremely low precision shot was added when firing without sight or in motion.

There is a very low movement speed while aiming (100 units per second), as well as a noticeable weight and a loud sound of a shot.

On the other hand, significant damage and high penetrating power make the AWP an indispensable weapon in professional and semi-professional CS GO matches.

Dragon Lore Skin is one of the wide range of skins for AWP in CS GO. If we look closer at the picture on the case, we will see that flames burst out of the mouth of the mythical dragon. It is made in: 

  • beige; 
  • orange; 
  • yellow; 
  • olive colors. 

The successful combination of these shades gives the skin originality.  Moreover, the body of the dragon is decorated with Celtic ornaments.

The main reason for buying this skin is its rarity and good quality. Therefore, it attracts the attention of many buyers and real collectors.

How to get it?

AWP Dragon Lore was added to the game 8 years ago. Getting this skin is a very rare opportunity. It can only be found during the main tournaments. It is important that you will only have to look in the chests, as this is a souvenir sample.

So it’s even difficult to immediately name any other skin, the probability of which would be so negligible.

Thus, the coloring Dragon Lore is one of the most elusive and rare in-game CS GO items in the history of circulation. If you ever get this skin, know that you have turned up the biggest luck of your life.


The price depends on the degree of abuse. For example, after Field-Tested, its cost is about $4,500, Factory New — $11,500.

If you think about buying, a good option is a DMarket platform. It is a large marketplace where the sale or exchange of in-game content takes place. For buyers, there are very favorable conditions for the purchase.

The platform gives the ability to block the exchange, gives the location of the skin in real-time, and shows the history of sales for various time intervals.

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