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The PlayStation Store is finally closing for PS3, PSP, and PS Vita this summer

These consoles had a good run.

playstation store from sony logo on blue background
Image: Sony

It’s official. Sony has decided that they will close the PlayStation Store on three devices in the near future. The PS3 and PlayStation Portable (PSP) are both losing the PlayStation Store on July 2, while the store will become unavailable to PS Vita users on August 27.

The closing of the store on these devices won’t eliminate all functionality for these devices. Thankfully, users will still be able to use the store to download previously owned games. However, once the PlayStation Store closes on these devices, people will no longer be able to purchase new games for their device.

Users will also still have access to purchasing games with cross-buy support and playing them on these devices. Users can still download and play the cross-buy supported games on the older devices, even after the online store is shut down.

It’s not the complete end for these PlayStation devices

When it was originally rumored that the PlayStation Store would be disabled for these three devices, many people thought that meant that users would no longer be able to download games. Fortunately, that is not the case, and game downloads will still be available after the store is closed. Users won’t be able to purchase and download previously unowned titles after the store is shut down, however.

It seems like it is time for Sony to move on from these consoles. The PlayStation 3 was released in 2006 and the PSP was released a year earlier. The PS Vita was released in 2012 but was not nearly as popular as its predecessor, the PSP. After 15 years, I’d say that the PS3 had a good run.

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