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The programming language businesses prefer

JavaScript is one of the most well-known and well-used programming languages used for web development.


The release of innovative technologies occur constantly because of the considerable need of users in general, but also businesses. When it comes to software, choosing the best programming language is essential to success, and most organizations give considerable thought to which one to choose. 

JavaScript is one of the most well-known and well-used programming languages used for web development. It is often used for dynamic web pages which must support a lot of multimedia features. It is a popular choice for most developers who use it to build websites, applications, and interactive games. 

Advantages of using JavaScript 

There are many technologies which are readily available, but JavaScript is still considered the best software solution for businesses. This is likely attributable to the following:


JavaScript runs really quickly and it’s unimpeded by network calls to the backend server. Dynamic features are processed quickly so the user experience is enhanced. 


JavaScript can be used effortlessly with other programming languages and it can be included in other web pages without having to take into consideration the file extension. 

Easy to test and debug

JavaScript is an interpreted language so it’s not difficult to spot bugs which can then easily be debugged because the codes are interpreted line by line. 

Simultaneous codes

Concurrency means that numerous tasks can be run at the same time. This means that developers can save time by not having to write supplementary programs for several applications. 

Dynamic interfaces 

The JavaScript framework permits the creation of search interfaces which are filled with features and are intriguing to users. These include drag-and-drop elements and slides. 

Innovative technology 

JavaScript has evolved considerably over the past two decades, especially in comparison to its biggest rivals. It continues to stay ahead of the curve and evolve in accordance with the latest technological conditions. 

Disadvantages of using JavaScript 

One of the disadvantages of JavaScript relates to its security. This is because the code is run entirely in the browser and as such may be used for nefarious purposes. More than that, every browser will interpret JavaScript in a different way so supplementary testing may be required for all of the big browsers in order to make sure that it runs effortlessly. 

What do businesses use JavaScript for? 

JavaScript can be used for the easiest and simplest tasks, as well as for ones which are exceedingly complicated. These are the ones its used for most commonly:

Web applications 

They use many different frameworks so that you can build complicated web applications without excessive effort. One web application which uses JavaScript and is immensely well-known is Google Maps. 

Website development 

JavaScript is often used by web developers to create powerful and interactive websites which have user experience in mind. 


For those who are looking to create dynamic and intriguing presentations, JavaScript is ideal so you don’t only have to use the PowerPoint or Keynote. 

Mobile applications 

Using JavaScript frameworks you can create mobile apps that will work for both Android and iOS, even though they generally require a unique method of coding. 

Virtual reality 

Using JavaScript’s powerful API’s such as WebVR, you can integrate Virtual Reality devices for the internet. 


Using JavaScript codes, the popular Quadcopters can be controlled. 


JavaScript offers numerous game development frameworks which consist of significant features and tools which are used to build powerful gaming applications. 

Big companies who use JavaScript

There are many well-known companies who use JavaScript as their framework including Google, for Gmail and Google Docs. Google also built a JavaScript framework called AngularJS. PayPal did the same with kraken.js. 

After working with Ruby, Groupon switched to JavaScript after they had to deal with issues relating to speed and maintainability. 

How to become JavaScript proficient

Getting to grips with JavaScript is a process that will take some time, and it will be most easily accomplished if you start with small projects before attempting complicated ones. 

It won’t help you to start with the latest JavaScript frameworks if you haven’t started working with core java script. In essence, every big JavaScript project consists of numerous small and medium projects so it’s best to master them before attempting to put them all together in order to build a complex project. 

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