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The pros and cons of the technology at the modern workplaces

Workplace technology

Since technology has started to have such a big influence on our both professional and personal lives, there have been numerous controversial discussions about this topic. Is technology helping us or is it going to take too much of our private lives and take us to a world ruled by the robots?

No, this is not the script of a SCI-FI movie that we have all seen about how robots take the control over the world, there are people that really fear that this scenario might come true sooner or later. New technologies, devices, and gadgets are developed every day in order to make our lives easier, to make our work more efficient, and to help us find whatever we want, whenever we want.

When it comes to the importance of technology in modern workplaces, opinions split in two again. Is it making us work more efficient indeed or is technology creating a bad work environment and is evolving so much that the human workforce will not be needed anymore? Both sides seem to have their own valid arguments that make sense when you hear them out. Let’s discover together the pros and cons of the technology in modern workplaces.


Improved communication

Nowadays, information, updates and crucial details or news need to travel incredibly fast from one part of the world to another. Especially when it comes to a company that has international partnerships, technology is making things intensively easier than it was before to maintain contact with clients or business partners for all around the world.

Help the employees in the self-development process

Having the possibility to find so many knowledge and information in just a few seconds, for free, makes the process of self-development a lot more efficient and faster than it was before the technology has developed so much. There are many technologies that the employees can use in order to have creative and innovative business ideas that are going to be incredibly advantageous for any business owner.

Time is money

Since everything is moving so fast these days and we are getting incredibly busy day by day when the deadlines are coming one after another, technology is helping us to take care of many tasks in the same time in a smaller amount of time. In any business, there are numerous crucial decisions and actions that need to be done as fast as possible since everything is related to taking the opportunity. In a workplace, using the technology, the employees help any business become more prosperous and efficient by the bigger amount of work that is done in a smaller amount of time.

Better organization

Technology is surely a tool that any company Is using these days mostly because of how beneficial it is when it comes to staying organized. All the tasks such as accounting, the selecting and hiring process at the HR department, data and private information of the company are all standardized and easier to access which makes all the work more efficient.


Creates a gap between the generations

Between the generations, there is always going to be something distinctive that is going to be impossible to take on a common opinion. It is the normal thing since being from different generations means different times when they have lived and different things that they had to deal with. However, even if the technology is starting to win the hearts of the elders as well, they still do not seem to get along so well with it as the youngsters do. At the workplace, this can become a problem if your employees are not only individuals from the Millennials generation. There might be some tasks that require the use of technology or some tasks that can only be done by a human being without the help of any device or gadget, this is going to generate some confusing arguments between the employees from the different generations.

The intensive use of technology can cause health problems

One of the cons that the use of technology in modern workplaces is the fact that it can lead to health problems for the employees. It is already known that spending hours in front of the computer can cause vision problems which can lead to uncomfortable headaches that are going to make it impossible for the employees to focus on their tasks. Also, sitting down for such a long time can lead to sedentarism and backaches. However, adjustable standing desk is a really good solution when it comes to fighting this problem for the employees. This type of desks encourages a good posture and regular movement that is going to introduce flexibility of movement into any workplace which will increase the way the employees work and make them be more productive. Another way to increase employee productivity is to improve air exchange in the office using fans. Take a look at this guide on the best tower fans that will help you to choose the perfect one for your workspace.

Affects workplace relations

Technology lovers claim that technology supports and promotes communication and strong relationships because of the possibility of collaborating and sharing experiences and knowledge. However, many psychologists claim that the internet and especially Social Media has a powerful negative influence on the interaction between humans. Imagine sitting on a table with people that are only focused on what is happening on their phones and there is no real communication. The same scenario tends to happen in modern workplaces when the employees are focused on their computers to get their job done. This is can lead to problems when it comes to working in a team when communication and sharing ideas is a must and have a big influence on the quality of your work.

Can be a distraction

Receiving a text while you are in the middle of an important task at work is surely going to make you forget for a few seconds what you were doing. The employees of a workplace can experience the same situation when texts, Social Media notifications, emails or phone calls appear on the screen of their computers or phones.

To conclude, technology is both an efficient thing to use in a workplace but can also become dangerous when the employees are using it too much or for other purposes than the employer was thinking.

What do you think? Let us know your thoughts down below in the comments. 

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