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The relationship between Bitcoin and Philosophy


When it was introduced who would have thought that big techies and scientists will be having their share of interest in Bitcoin? Well, to those who still think it’s a scam or an illicit trade, Bitcoin has time and again proven its efficiency as a legitimate source of money and income. Its frequent price rise is the reason we see even the smartest brains of the planet researching on Bitcoin. 

However, what it was lacking before was the sheer amount of interest by Philosophers which definitely got us wondering where are they? Why isn’t Bitcoin catching their attention? Well, the answer is simple. It’s based on pure traditional methods which are not new to the philosophers. Visit bitcoin champion app to know more about this.

It’s a form of barter exchange, the lack of intermediaries, it’s self-regulated nature, peer to peer sharing, no proof of transactions, etc. all of these concepts have existed in ancient times and Bitcoin is just bringing it back. 

Talking about Philosophy, it’s the art and science of anything and everything. It takes all the information under its umbrella and writes it in the finest way possible so it is easier for the human mind to comprehend. Going by that logic, it seems Bitcoin and philosophy just go hand in hand together and considerable recognition in the later can do wonders for Bitcoin. 

For starters, let’s talk about the basic premise of Bitcoin and what is it that society needs. Bitcoin offers financial privacy while other currencies keep you bound to the justice system and regulations. So, if we go out looking for what it is that helps society function in a better way we have to find a solution in the ambit of philosophy

Well, as in philosophy there is no easy and simple answer to anything. This is why we have come up with some sharp observations about bitcoin that might help us understand this better. 

It isn’t just easy money the Bitcoin community is looking for, it’s the financial freedom, the flexibility of operations, the lack of legal that tempts them. They want a change, a shift in the inequality in the distribution of income and that’s what they are striving for. 

So, that brings us to an important question which is- Is Financial freedom good for society? 

Everyone knows different things about us. So, why the matter of our finances is an open book even for the government to see and intervene. So, it’s your money we are talking about and it makes sense that you only should decide who knows about your savings, spending, and expenses. 

So, Bitcoin does just that as it keeps your finances away from the scrutiny of the public which makes you alone responsible for it while keeping your financial information private. 

So, this has revealed one thing that people like this privacy more. They might but putting their personal information on social media, they might want to keep their finances private. Imagine with this, you can even keep it away from your partner, parents, and even the closest friends. After all, it’s up to you to decide who you want to reveal it to. 

However, we cannot deny that this opaqueness and ambiguity could harm society also. money is the most powerful tool guiding the entire world and if misused could lead to big disasters. So, imagine if a secretive operation is sponsoring terror funding or using the money for illicit purposes who are answerable then. The government, the bitcoin community, or the society as a whole. 

So, in order to keep people functioning in a morally and ethically correct way we need them answerable for what they do either good or bad. If we remove that criteria, then there will be commotion, mayhem, and anarchy in society. It’s these concerns that make us think again, that is that financial freedom that we need for growth?

Well, considering both the pros and cons of the system it is difficult to reach a decisive statement. So, it will take more than philosophy to find the answers to these never-ending questions. We need to test the Bitcoin system under the ambit of morals, ethics, law, and other liberal arts to get the right answer. Perhaps, it will take a societal cleanse for Bitcoin to be well-accepted and well-used despite its secrecy. 

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