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The rising deep tech star: Adriana Rupert

Adriana Ruppert is one of Germany’s most popular DJs.

adriana rupert
Image: Adriana Rupert

Just like the entire world today is witnessing a technological uprising, the music industry to is experiencing this transition. From talking to people easily who are thousands of miles away to shopping online and automatic vehicles, the music industry has come a long way, starting from the traditional instruments and now, to electronic music.

Electro music differs from the rest of the music genres due to its unique, unusual sounds that are somehow pleasing to hear. While most audiences are inclined towards the lyrics in a song, a major part of the music fanatic population waits on the non-lyrical sounds, which gives a strange yet comfortable connection.

Even though the first electronic record ever released was “electronic pop” during the 1900s, the increasing number of fans across the world has encouraged new artists to take the electronic music trend a step forward. Artists like Martin Garrix, Marshmello, Like Mike, Marco Carola, Dennis Cruz; many more are continuously emerging from every corner of the world.

Among the countries that are the most prominent in producing the best electro music, Germany is gradually getting recognition. The credit for this recognition goes to Germany’s talented artist, to name a few, Ricardo Villalobos, Ben Klock, Monica Kruse, Boris Brejcha, and the rising hype stirrer, Ruppert. Her skills in deep house, tech-house, and deep tech are creating hype among electronic music fanatics.

Adriana Ruppert – taking the world by a storm

Adriana Ruppert is one of Germany’s most popular DJs. Even as a child, Ruppert had a fondness with music. She started learning about music during the early ages of her childhood. She started by taking up piano lessons, which in turn helped her recognize her interests in composing music. This growing interest helped her ensure a career in music composition. She was compelled to learn more about music and graduated as a music producer.

Ruppert spent most of her time recording in studios in Germany. She felt the desire to get deeper into the music industry ignite more when she came across the analog and modular world. Her connection with electronic music and instruments helped her identify her love for techno music and eventually making the decision to pursue her career as a DJ.

Hatching creatures – a prominent record label in deep tech music

In 2015, Ruppert from Munich partnered with Julian Velez, a renowned DJ/Producer from Miami, to establish a company, ‘Hatching Creatures.’ The foundations laid by Ruppert and her partners for the company is to become one of the world’s leading record labels. Ruppert and Julian worked together to represent the authentic Miami style in underground electronic music with the company’s headquarters in the city. Ruppert realized that American underground music needed to e connected with Europe’s music. Due to this, Munich became the company’s second headquarters.

Working on the vision to find more talented electronic music artists Hatching creatures also gives talented producers a chance to show their skills to the world. Ruppert desires to deliver the message of, “We appreciate real music producers who work hard and deliver genuine music!” through the company. Moreover, it is a reliable platform for discovering new and authentic music to play at clubs and Parties. Hatching Creatures also hosts a radio show “Hatching Creatures Radio Show.” The show

Itself is an opportunity for introducing new artists and new tracks to the fans of underground electronic music. Hatching Creatures is featured in the top 100 in Deep Tech on a monthly basis.

Hatching Creatures is known for releasing new music every week. It is how the record label acquired a top rank in Deep Tech Music genre. The record label helped, now renowned artists like Jey Kurmis, Alexi Delano and many more have released their music. Many world-known Djs including Loco Dice and Stefano Noferini have supported the music released through this platform in festivals, clubs, events and radio stations around the world, locations such as Miami Music Week, Ibiza, Chile, New York , Milan, Berlin, London, and many others. It is showcasing its artist and music around the globe in the USA, Panama, Colombia, Mexico, Spain, and Germany. Hatching Creatures releases can be found on all music platforms like Spotify, Google Play, iTunes, Soundcloud, YouTube, and all others.

Funky creatures – promoting house music genre

Another record label, Funky Creatures was founded in August 2019 by Adriana Ruppert and Julian Velez with headquarters in Munich/Miami. The purpose of Hatching Creatures was to promote deep tech music, while Funky Creatures was established with an aim to promote the House music genre. It is a sub-level of Hatching Creatures. Adriana Ruppert with her partners wishes to bring the 90’ House music flair combined with the new modern style. The sub-label targets a wider audience. It is known for releasing commercial music that can be streamed and played in-home, clubs, or radio.

The record label works with music producers from around the globe. The team of Funky Creatures will start showcasing the label and its artists in America and Europe after some time. It has established a firm ground in House music and has attracted attention to online digital stores Like Beatport and Traxsource by being featured in the first pages of the website. Hatching Creature’s sub-label releases can be found on all music platforms like Spotify, Google Play, iTunes, Soundcloud, Youtube, and all others.

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