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The rising e-sports and what the future holds

In this article we explore the top six e-sports games that are shining in 2021 and are expected to record good performance in 2022.

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E-sports have grown in popularity in the recent past, the audiences it is drawing, the numbers of games that are appearing have been mindboggling, and 2021 has also seen a rise of games. E-sports are also some of the games that you will find on online betting sites. 

Pnxbet review provides some of the best insights that betting enthusiasts can rely on to make successful bids. In this article, Evelyn Balyton explores the top rising e-sports after a year that the world almost went down due to a pandemic. She will give us the highlights on the rising e-sports as well as their prospects in the future.

2020 was a year that most of us would like to forget especially those who closely follow the sporting activities. Most of the sports were heavily impacted by the restrictions which were put in place to curb the spread of the pandemic. Some of the sporting activities are yet to find a footing and the effects continue to be a thorn in the fresh.

For instance, the summer games for 2021 are being played without fans; Japan’s preparation committee is counting losses due to this. Many are wishing for things to get back to normal so that we can continue enjoying our games just the way we used to before the pandemic strike. 

Despite the odds, there are some bright spots for the year 2021, e-sports has been experiencing a boom although not to the level that one would have expected. There has been a release of games that have created an up heal in the e-sports space where they have taken center stage showcasing the value in development.

Looking at 2021 and beyond it is expected that the e-sports landscape might change with the rise of games that will transform the arena. New titles will emerge to challenge the status quo while it is also expected that there will be a return to the former glory for those that have been overtaken, here we look at the top rising e-sports in 2021.


Image: KnowTechie

E-sports analysts describe Valorant as the safest call that one can make and many have declared it as the rising star. The game deserves the title and it is expected that it will be at the top for long. The Riot Games e-sports has pulled the stars from other titles including Overwatch and Counter-Strike serious commitment being witnessed in major exports teams.

In 2021 Valorant has an official global system that is supported by Riot Games. This has opened the door where more investments are being made. It is also expected that moving into the future Valorant will have its first-ever international championship. As the world attempts to return to normality, learning how to live with the pandemic, no doubt that Valorant’s first international competition will draw attention and might emerge to the biggest event.

Wild Rift

The Legend of Legends game was a top side before the pandemic, has been performing well in 2021, and is expected to remain at the top even in 2022. This is giving Riot some serious competition where they have been warned that if they rest easy, they might be overthrown from the reign soon than expected.

Wild Rift is being seen as a breakthrough for the North American e-sports fraternity, it has the potential of lifting them higher. Although there have been numerous attempts to lift e-sports they have not reached the levels that have been seen in some parts of the world such as China and Southeast Asia.

The fact that Riot is willing to cross-pollinate the brand partners, Wild Rift will have an easy time allowing them to establish powerful holding in the North American region, a place that many have failed.


Many are surprised that a game that is 15 years old is still at the top. Fans’ commitments to the game and other dynamics surrounding Nintendo have seen the game claim its top position and it is expected that it will go unchallenged for the rest of 2021 and going to 2022. Analysts conclude that Melee is here to stay and attempts to make disappear will only work for it, it will continue shinning to a higher spotlight.

Supercell Games

The game has made on the top of the list in several years and many are predicting good fortunes in the future. The updates that the game has received have been a major booster with a commitment that each of the e-sports will grow. There is also significant room for the game to grow in terms of brand partnership.

Dota 2

For the newcomers in the e-sports arena Dota 2 may not be a big event but for those who have been around it is one of the games that has received great publicity and attention. This has been due to the prize pool that is ditched each year. With the return of the big tournaments, the former glory of Dota 2 will be clinching in.

Others at the top include:

  • Fighting Game
  • Halo infinite

The pandemic has taken a toll on all sports but the effect has not been equally spreading. E-sports may have been spared the full wrath and sporting activity has seen a rise of games. These top six e-sports will continue making the sporting activity rise to new levels. For the betting enthusiasts with an eye on e-sports, this is a space to watch.

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