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The social aspects of online gambling

Very few gamblers roll the dice, spin the wheel or double down on their cards to win money and win money alone.

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There are few global industries growing as fast as online gambling. Every year tens of millions of new players sign up to sites offering the very best in online blackjack, roulette, and slots.

Convenience is often touted as the main draw of online gambling but there is an increasing social aspect to the industry that is attracting huge swathes of new players. How can this be when online gambling is essentially played in solitude on mobile or PC? Read on to find out.

Gambling Isn’t Just Winning & Losing

We all know someone who takes gambling incredibly seriously, whether that be casino gambling or casual sports betting. These people always seem to have a strategy to beat the house and tend to keep a strict record of their wins and losses.

This can paint the picture of gamblers as obsessive winners who are interested in one thing and one thing only. However, in the grand scheme of things, these types of players tend to represent a fairly low percentage of overall gamblers.

The majority of people who bet with casinos do so in order to unwind and relax, to take their mind away from the stresses of daily life. There are also a great number of people who will visit their favorite casino or sports betting shop to catch up with friends, chew the fat, and have a laugh.

Online gambling executives recognised this trend from the very first moment that casino classics like roulette and craps were moved online. 

Cutting edge graphics, easy to navigate user interfaces, and enticing offers are all well and good, but what is most important to a lot of players is the social aspect of gambling.

That’s why, since the turn of the millennium there has been a heavy emphasis on encouraging players to interact with one another online.

How do online casinos manage that though? With no bar, no crowded tables, and no physical footfall it can be a hard task, but one that can be met regardless.

Online Chat Rooms

Although it is no substitute for face-to-face contact, an online chat room does provide players with the opportunity to socialize and make connections with fellow players. The earliest online poker rooms featured chat rooms for players and this tradition has continued to the current day.

Websites like 888 Ladies which focus primarily on bingo have gone to great lengths to ensure that their online chat rooms are functional and easy to use. In addition to this, they actively encourage their players to use the facilities and make connections with other players.

It’s not just bingo and poker that avail of the online chat room however, almost every form of online gambling has a similar facility. These chat rooms have their benefits to the companies as well as to the players.

If a customer reaches out to another player and forms a friendship, they are of course much more likely to continue gambling with the same provider. Making online connections will also persuade players that they are not missing out by playing online rather than in person at a land-based casino.

Online gambling chat rooms are symbiotic in that they mutually benefit both the players and the providers. If an online chat room doesn’t exactly capture your imagination, you might be interested to learn about another way that online casinos are encouraging sociable e-gambling.

Players that interact with one another are more likely to continue gambling with the same provider, so companies are keen to invest in chat room facilities.

Live Casinos

The process of logging onto your favorite online casino site and placing a few bets with an automated dealer can feel on some level soulless and robotic. There is no connection between you and the product beyond a transactional level.

To counter this a lot of the biggest names in the online gambling industry have invested heavily in live streaming technology. With these providers, the table action is streamed live from an actual casino to your mobile or PC.

What’s more, is that these types of casinos allow and indeed encourage online players to interact with the dealer and any other players who may be physically present at the table. This takes the sociability of a chat room to the next level.

What’s even more exciting is that there is news of virtual and augmented reality online casinos on the horizon. 

Over the past couple of years, gambling companies have invested huge sums of money into developing technology that would enable players to use VR headsets to navigate their casinos and mingle and socialize with other players.

If you’re a fan of online gambling already, keep your eyes peeled for announcements about VR in the next 12 months.

A lot of casino sites have now invested in software to be able to provide live casino games to their players to make the game more ‘sociable’.

In Summary

Very few gamblers roll the dice, spin the wheel or double down on their cards to win money and win money alone. Most players gamble to unwind, socialize and have fun and online casinos are doing everything they can to help their players do just that.

In recent years the emphasis on increased sociability has seen a sharp rise in revenues for online casinos. This has convinced many that further development in the area, such as the implementation of VR technology is more than worthwhile.

The next time you log in to your favorite online gambling site, check out what features they have available which allow you to connect with other players and potentially form long-lasting friendships.

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