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The state of Australian eSports

The Australian eSports community is growing at an exponential rate.


Australia has been captivated by sports ever since the community’s inception. Due to the love for sports, spectators have contributed towards expanding the market size by $12.8 billion in 2021. In addition to that, sports betting in Australia on websites like has been evident since 2017 as it captured a 5% increase in expenditure. 

That being said, there is a new type of entertainment in the market – eSports! 

According to PwC, the video gaming market will have an estimated 6.87% CAGR by 2024. So, what does that mean for the interactive audience? 

Insight Into The eSports Sector In Australia

People speculate that the eSports sector in Australia can be the next big thing. It has become especially prominent after the 2020 pandemic as the lockdown initiatives made people stay indoors for longer. Furthermore, the industry has since become a billion-dollar community, and it is still gaining traction. 

Among the eSports hubs in the world, Australia is way up there among Spain or Brazil. Moreover, viewers find it thrilling and exciting to watch, which bagged in huge ROI. 

The total eSports revenue for 2019 in the country was AU $5 million

Did you know this amount is four times the revenue from a few years ago? That alone should allude to the growing popularity of this platform. Indeed, eSports competitions are nothing like normal sports, which might confuse new viewers. 

It includes both team matches and duals who compete by playing video games. In addition, the players have become professional gamers and earn a living from that. 

The phenomenon of eSports has taken over Australia. Such games can be played online and do not require many infrastructural facilities. Therefore, the community is bringing in numerous tech-focused investors willing to spend their money on Australian eSports. 

In 2020 alone, the most noteworthy event was the virtual racing by the V8 Supercar professionals. 

The community is growing slower than the other eSports industries globally, as the government fails to offer infrastructural facilities. Yet the prospects look bright for Australian eSports! 

The Viewers Of Australian eSports

opera event esports red bull competition
Image: Red Bull

The very essence of viewership is embedded in the prolonged love for gaming. So, the people entrusted in the video game culture have been avid spectators of such games. 

About 68% of Australians have an innate need for playing video games. Therefore, alluding to the wide number of viewers for any eSports event in the country. Based on this enormous number, the eSports community in Australia will have an estimated viewership revenue of AU $2.43 billion.

But why do gamers watch such events if they could play themselves? 

Ideally, eSports matches offer unique strategies from professional players. Therefore, a casual gamer will learn skills and understand strategies to play that game even better. Some even compare such events to the artful skills portrayed by soccer players during leagues. 

These Australians will identify themselves as fans who learn from eSports tournaments to recruit optimal gameplay. 

Indeed, watching such games can be invigorating and be an interactive experience. 

Even though traditional sports are still popular, Australian eSports have invoked a different and fun take on viewership. Due to the limited POV of players, the game seems more personal, unlike traditional sports. 

Overall, Australian eSports is curated to be an interactive and verbal gaming experience for all! 

However, with greater involvement, the need for proper investment is dire. Or else the community of viewers, competitors, and coaches will fade away and never be seen in the big leagues. 

esports rocket league higher standards
Image: Red Bull

Any community will require proper funding to survive – eSports is one of them. The Australian Esports League has been facing certain legal issues that cannot be unnoticed. Moreover, as you already know, Australian eSports have had a turbulent ride. 

All the tournaments in the country have an essence of media spectacle in them. Therefore, the live initiatives are curated for the viewers and to generate revenue. 

Even though the initiatives have accumulated and generated local fandom, there are still limitations. 

There are issues regarding the governance of intellectual properties and integrity. Furthermore, the legal problems regarding sponsorship and merchandising have been hindering performances. The organizational aspect revolving around funding and infrastructure is an issue worth noting. 

Apart from investments, there is a legal matter around player welfare and contracts. 

Only when the community lets go of all the toxicity and focus on the development will the Australian eSports community grow! 

Final Thoughts

The Australian eSports community is growing at an exponential rate. It is set to bring in huge ROI in the coming years. Moreover, the viewership is abundant and very supportive of the professional players. 

However, there are still some legal issues that need addressing. Only then can the community grow and earn a well-deserved name in the global community.

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