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The tech features that make a good betting app

If your current online bookmaker doesn’t cover all bases, it’s time to move to a provider that does.

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Technology in the gambling industry is changing so quickly it’s sometimes difficult to keep up. Offering great odds, standout promotions, excellent customer service, and competition-beating markets is no longer enough to guarantee an online sportsbook success.

The top names in the industry must also place their customers at the cutting edge of technology. They must give members access to the latest developments, such as faultless live streaming, user-friendly mobile apps, in-play betting, and much more besides.

Every bookmaker offers online betting and has a mobile presence, either in the form of a mobile app that can be downloaded to iOS and Android devices or a mobile-optimized site. So, what makes one firm better than another? How do you choose the app for you in such a competitive market? Sites like cover these aspects in-depth.

Our team of sports betting experts and experienced reviewers have put their collective minds together to tell bettors exactly what they should be looking for in a mobile betting app.

Live Streaming

If you are searching for evidence of just how far the sports gambling industry has come in such a short space of time, then look no further than live streaming. The technology behind the system allows bookmakers to gift customers a free, HD quality live sports stream, direct to their mobile app. Bet on sports, including football, horse racing, greyhounds, tennis, and cricket then cheer on your bets through the live stream.

If you have a reliable Wi-Fi connection the coverage is as good as you’d expect to see on a TV. Never again will you be forced to check a results service to see how your horse racing bet got on or miss a big football match. Turn everyday situations into an exciting sport viewing and betting experience. This feature really must be seen to be believed.

Only the very best online bookmakers offer live streaming. New and lesser sites struggle to justify the cost. At most sites, all you need to do to watch them play live is place a bet on the outcome. Gamble as little as £1 on the winner and you’ll have access to the live stream. At a few bookies, all you need is a positive account balance – money available to place an in-play bet, if you fancy it – and the provider will allow you to click on the link and watch the race or match free of charge.

In-Play Betting

In-play betting has changed the gambling industry forever. It had a massive impact when it was first released and has grown in popularity with bettors since. In the bad old days you were required to get your bets on and stake down before the start of a sporting event. If you missed kick-off, you had missed out. It was as simple as that. Thankfully, that’s no longer the case, thanks to known operators like sbtech.

In-play betting ensures that’s no longer the case. A bet is as possible and just as exciting in the final few minutes of a football game, tennis match, or boxing bout as it was before the start. The reason for that is traders keep most of the original betting markets alive throughout the duration of the contest. Odds and handicap lines are updated, prices suspend, and markets are removed for various reasons, but a bet can be enjoyed at any point of play.

Let’s use football as our example of in-play betting here as it is the most popular sport to bet live on. If a team takes the lead their price will shorten, the odds of their opponents will go out. First goalscorer becomes the next goal scorer and the total goals in the match line extend after every goal scorer. The handicap and Asian handicap also change to keep pace with the score.

In-play betting works extremely well alongside live streaming. Watch the game closely, keeping an eye out for any bets worth having, such as a player looking likely to score or a boring 0-0 draw. It’s then time to act before the traders spot it and move the odds.

Cash Out

Cash-out can be used on single bets, but it works best on multiples, such as accumulators. It can turn a losing bet into a profitable one or limit your damages if you have followed the wrong selection. It is offered at more sites and on more bets than ever before.

Place your sports bets at a respected online bookmaker and you’ll notice a cash out amount added to your bet slip. In the first instance, this will be equal to your stake but will rise and fall, depending on how well your bet is doing. If traders believe your Acca is going to win, they’ll offer you a decent cash out amount that will give you something to think about. It won’t be as big as the original win amount, but it will be enough to keep you guessing.

A successful cash out is one that gets you the most money for the least risk. If, for example, you are waiting on a team to win for £100 and they are 1-0 after 75 minutes, you may be offered £80. Do you take the money and run or let the bet ride to a finish in the knowledge that your selection could draw or lose in the last 15 minutes and you’ll end up with nothing? Cash out is a bet within a bet.

Online Security

Bettors love the convenience of online gambling, but they want to do it with complete peace of mind. We all know the dangers of sharing information online, including payment details. The risks are just too much for some to consider online betting, but that shouldn’t be the case.

Top bookmakers take their responsibilities very seriously and it’s no surprise as their license from the UK Gambling Commission depends on them protecting players to the best of their ability. That’s why they adopt the latest online security measures, such as Secure Socket Layer technology and an encryption program.

These ensure your bank details are never seen by another person, including their staff. They also allow bettors to create unique usernames, passwords, use face recognition technology, and fingerprint ID. The aim is to allow you the pleasure of online gambling without anything to worry about.

Bottom line

Our advice is to demand each of the above as well as plenty more besides. It’s a market where the customer is king and should expect the best service. If your current online bookmaker doesn’t cover all bases, it’s time to move to a provider that does. As well as better service, you’ll land a stunning welcome bonus for your troubles.

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