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The technology behind hydroponics

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Hydroponics is the latest method of growing plants in a nutrient-rich, water-based solution. The process doesn’t use soil but provides support to the root system with a sluggish medium like vermiculite, peat moss, clay pellets, Rockwool, or perlite.

Hydroponics allow the plant’s roots to contact the nutrient-rich solution while accessing oxygen directly. A plant needs a fusion of oxygen and nutrients for proper growth. You will need particular technology for the hydroponics system, so purchase it from a renowned seller like Agron, LLC.

Technology and Technique for Hydroponics System

A hydroponic system is available in different types. Some of the best techniques combine hydroponics into a hybrid system. You can use multiple technologies for your hydroponic system.

Deepwater Culture

DWC (Deepwater Culture), aka the reservoir method is easy to grow plants. This system allows roots to suspend in a special solution. The nutrient solution is oxygenated with an aquarium air pump to avoid drowning the roots. The light should not penetrate this system because it can promote the growth of algae. Algae can wreak havoc on this system. The system is free from spray or drip emitters, so no worry about clogging. DWC can be an excellent choice for hydroponics.

NFT (Nutrient Film Technique)

NFT supports a consistent flow of nutrient solution for the roots of plants. The solution features a slight tilt to ensure its flow with the gravitational force. With this system, the plants absorb maximum oxygen from the air instead of depending on the nutrient solution. The tips of the plant’s roots will touch the solution. A consistent supply of oxygen triggers the growth rate of this plant.


Aeroponics allow roots to mist with a nutrient solution while they are suspended in the air. Exposed roots can get a solution with two methods: a spray nozzle and a pond fogger. The spray nozzle is fine enough to mist all roots. If you are interested in a pond fogger, you have to use a Teflon coated disc to decrease the need for maintenance.


Wicking is an affordable and accessible method of hydroponics. You will need cotton for this method, surrounded by a particular growth medium. One end of the wick material is positioned in a nutrient-rich solution. To make this system simple, you can remove the wick material and use only a medium. The medium must have the capability to wick nutrients to the plant’s roots. You can use vermiculite or perlite as a medium. Avoid the use of peat moss, coconut coir or Rockwool because these can absorb the nutrient solution and can suffocate your plants.

Ebb and Flow

An ebb and flow hydroponics technology is also known as flood & drain system. This system is suitable to grow plants. The system floods the growing location with a nutrient solution at particular intervals. The solution drains back slowly into the reservoir. The pump has a timer, and the procedure repeats itself at regular intervals. This system can be great for plants that are adapted to dryness periods. Particular plants need a small dry period to flourish.

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