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The technology play – Gambling on eSports

For the online sports gambling industry, the addition of eSports fans to the gambling mix has proven to be financially rewarding.


What happens when two industries experiencing explosive growth come face to face with each other? The answer is one of two things: either the two industries become competitors hell-bent of gaining an advantage over one another, or they find congruence, which spurs even more growth for both industries together or as separate concerns. Welcome to the story of online sports gambling and eSports.

Explosive Growth

The online gambling industry has been growing at record rates for over five years now. What started as a way to let gamblers bet on casino games and sports from their homes has turned into a worldwide phenomenon. Every year now for the last five, the online gambling industry has seen double-digit percentage increases in gamblers opening accounts with online gambling providers.  The number of gamblers who are stepping forward for a chance to claim an exclusive new customer betting offer at or any other online gambling site is moving off the charts, exceeding any reasonable expectations.

The eSports industry has been experiencing similar growth patterns, if not exceeding the marks being set by the online gambling industry. It is estimated that by the end of 2020, more than 500 million people across the globe will be involved in eSports as either participants or fans. The growing participant base is being driven by the ridiculous amounts of money being offered in sponsorships and as prizes from league and tournament play. The growing fanbase is being driven unfettered access to major eSports events on cable television in many parts of Asia, Europe, and North America.

The Marriage of Online Sports Gambling and eSports

Some would be quick to point out that eSports in no way shape or form qualifies as a sport. What athleticism is required to play video games? To combat the naysayers, how about eye-hand coordination and endurance, two things most athletes need to be competitive. Setting aside the foolishness of questioning whether eSports qualifies as a sport, it matters very little to the online sports gambling industry.

The fact two competitors or two teams of competitors can come together in competition more than satisfies the online gambling industry’s definition of a sport. If those circumstances exist, they will certainly take on the opportunity to offer betting options on eSports matches or events. By all indications, gamblers and eSports enthusiasts are absolutely embracing the opportunity to make such wagers.

For the online sports gambling industry, the addition of eSports fans to the gambling mix has proven to be financially rewarding. For the eSports community, the exposure the industry is getting because of the gambling factor is increasing viewership to unprecedented levels. If ever two growing industries could benefit from an unspoken marriage, these would be the two that would make the most sense.

Both of these phenomena arrived on the scene because of amazing developments in technology. As technology continues to tie countries and regions together, people are becoming more at ease with interacting with one another online. This interaction is leading the world to places even Orwell could have never imagined.  

The potential for both industries is enormous. Worldwide, the NFL’s Super Bowl has 112 million viewers every year, many of whom place some type of bet on the game. What is the potential of a sport that has 500 million viewers and participants? The numbers say perhaps $30 billion a year by 2020.

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