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These are some of the most popular smart home devices today

These are the most popular smart home devices right now.

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A smart home is one whose security system, audio, and video entertainment systems, heating, air conditioning, lighting, appliances, computers, and televisions communicate with one another.

They can also be controlled remotely from any room or anywhere in the world by using the smartphone and internet connection.

A simple command from the owner can add any household electrical device to a home network. Below we discuss some of the most popular smart home devices right now.

August Pro 

August Pro is a smart locking system that’s easy to install and setup. With the August keypad, the door can lock with one tap. If there is no keypad, it can be set to auto-lock after a set period of time. The user can ask Alexa, Siri and Google to lock the house or simply lock with the original key.

August Pro has a smart unlock feature that unlocks the door when the user arrives back home after leaving. Parents can let their kids in the house after school when they are away or let in service providers with one tap inside the August app.

Ring Alarm Kit

The Ring Alarm Kit is one of the best self-monitoring security systems with great smart home integration. It has the option of getting paid professional monitoring as well. The user can do lots of things with the software.

Accessories include a panic button, smart lights, video doorbell, temperature sensor, water sensor, smoke sensor, indoor camera, and outdoor camera. The user simply scans the QR codes at the back of each accessory to add it to the system. Ring is a great device for people who prefer app-focused systems.

Ring Pro

Ring Pro is one of the best video doorbells that integrates with many smart devices. Installation is easy when the user follows the one walkthrough video included in the app. It works in extreme temperatures and is waterproof. It has a great Wi-Fi range and works with average Wi-Fi.

It delivers the best calling experience and reliably records motion without false alerts, though it doesn’t offer face detection. The user can view the video clips individually. It is the best device for people who want the best video chatting and motion recording.

Ecobee Smart Thermostat

Ecobee Smart Thermostat offers the most control and flexibility and is compatible with most smart home devices. It supports all smart home platforms (Alexa, HomeKit, SmartThings, Google, Harmony, IFTTT). It works with almost all HVAC systems. It has an extra sensor that detects when the homeowner is home and regulates temperature accordingly. The user can add up to 32 smart sensors to the system. Ecobee Smart Thermostat is best for people who want more control. 

Arlo Pro 2

Arlo Pro 2 is one of the best outdoor security cameras with a 130° view and 1080p quality video. It is wireless and comes with rechargeable batteries and motion recording services that save record free for 7 day. For more features, users can subscribe to Arlo Smart for $3/month. It works without delays and never misses any action. The app is compatible with HomeKit, Google and Alexa. There is no need for power cords.

Apple TV 4K

Apple TV 4K is one of the best streaming devices with a smooth ad-free interface. It can take content from the apps and organize it nicely into a list. While it doesn’t have as many niche apps as other platforms, it has everything that most people need. Siri is quite useful for finding content and performing smart home tasks. This device is great for people who like the iPhone-like interface and dislike ads. It is even popular with Android users.

Eero – mesh router

Wi-Fi is everything in a smart home. The smart speakers, smart plugs, smart lights and smart all else in the home are useless if they can’t connect. That is why a mesh router that spreads a strong and fast signal all over the home is a smart upgrade, especially for large homes. Eero is one of the best mesh routers around as it balances powerful performance with perfect software.

It is easy for non-tech people to install, and users can interact with it through an app and Alexa. Parents can schedule and control internet access for their children which is great for families. One Eero Pro with two Eero Beacons generally covers a house a 3,500 ft2 house.

Other devices

These are the most popular smart home devices right now. Other popular alternatives are discussed here

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