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These mobile apps have the best UI in 2019

A good UI is the only thing that can grab the attention of the humans who tend to have an attention span of less than a goldfish.

waymo app
Image: Waymo

The User Interface(UI) and the User Experience(UX) are the first impressions of any app. Users will abandon the app, without giving it a second thought, if they don’t like or get along with the interface & experience the app provides.

Common reasons for abandonment

Though there are many designing principles out there which are a sure-shot way to develop an eye-grabbing interface, many tend to fail to create a good first-impression for their app. From the kind of button used for ‘login’ to the background color, every small tweak makes a big difference. And if, and only if, everything is in line, visitors won’t uninstall the app.

The best app UIs

A clean, less-cluttered, and intuitive UI is all a user looks for in an app. Many top-tier apps follow the principles of developing an astonishing UI, and here are seven of those:


mytop50 spotify tracks

Screenshot: Joe Rice-Jones/KnowTechie

Spotify – arguably the best music streaming service – is an excellent example of less-clutter, all-necessary UI.

The rich gradient colors in the background of the songs or at-the-eyesight blocks to access, the apps got it all and hence is one of the best UIs for mobile users.

Google Maps

google maps ar mode

Image: Wall Street Journal

Google Maps is all a strong UI should be. Google understands its audience. They know when and why the individual is going to open the app, and hence they have kept it at the minimal possible.

As soon as someone opens Google Maps, the three things they see are:

  1. A ‘search bar’ at the top.
  2. An ‘Explore Nearby’ at the bottom.
  3. A map with the user’s current location on it in the middle.

All of these with a perfect & simple color combination makes it a wonderful UI.


snapseed mobile app layout

Snapseed, again an app by Google, which understands what the user is looking for. It is one of the best photo editing app available for a smartphone.

Therefore, as soon as the user opens Snapseed, the only thing they will notice is a big ‘Plus button’ with a caption “Tap anywhere to open a photo”.

Once they open the photo, all the bars are perfect & labeled in such a way that even the first-time user won’t get confused.

Google Pay

google pay

Image: Google

Google Pay – a payments app targeted specifically at the audience of India – is yet another example of straight forward UI.

Once all the details are set, there are only two options available on the Home:

  1. New Payments.
  2. History of payments(in chronological order with a labeled-name & icon of the end-payer/receiver)

In three words, “Google Pay” is smooth, straightforward, and Google-colored.


incognito mode for youtube for android

Image: Android Central

The fourth Google app, in the first five apps based on UI, is YouTube.

Everybody has used this app. A video sharing app with no fancy color & just a few necessary functionalities like

  • Recommended,
  • Trending,
  • Search,
  • Inbox,etc.


tinder loops in app

Image: Tinder

Finally, a non-google app with an attractive UI.

Tinder is one of the apps that can claim it has a clean user interface. Once the necessary procedure is done, just the user-interested functionalities are there. A photo which adapts more than half the screen; Name, Age, and distance at the bottom; and a few buttons such as Like, SuperLike, or dismiss the profile.

And therefore, Tinder makes it to the list of mobile apps UI list.


Pocket is an app used by users who want to read something but don’t have at-the-moment time for it. Using pocket, one can save the articles to read it later.

And, the UI of the pocket app is built around it. Once an article is saved from any device, pocket keeps it synced with the account. On opening the app, the articles are ready to be read on the homepage itself in chronological order and therefore is an example of an amazing UI.

Quick Wrap up

A good UI is the only thing that can grab the attention of the humans who tend to have an attention span of less than a goldfish. Learning & adapting from the apps people daily use(like the ones listed above) is the way to develop a better, user-driven Interface.

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