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Things to check before using a writing app

A writing app aids you with tools to help you produce quality work.

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Having to put your thoughts down on paper has always been a therapeutic thing to do. And being paid to do the same, is phenomenal. But this time you don’t do the writing about yourself; instead, you are given a topic, you research on it, and come up with a piece. 

Well, so now you have finished drafting your piece, and you need to proofread it. You have tried to do one by yourself, everything seems okay, but after submission, your text is rendered below par, what do you do? It is quite heartbreaking having to put your work into a piece then it is returned. It kills your morale and drags you down. But worry no more, there are a few writing apps on the internet to help you find those mistakes you never saw. Besides correcting you, they beef up your language, making you an even better writer. 

There is quite a multitude of these apps online, and the following should be the things you look for before using an app. 


It is known that your reputation precedes you. What people say about you may not be entirely accurate, but again there is no smoke without fire. There has to be some truth involved. With that said, perusing through a couple of reviews on a site ought to give you more insight on an app. A general search through several search engines such as Google’s will boost your confidence in using that app.

When you spot a bad review, be sure to get to the bottom of it, as some negative posts may be propaganda. An effort to tarnish the reputation of the site. One bad review among thousands of good ones is acceptable. But if you count the vice versa, take to your heels. Red flags couldn’t get any redder.

Languages Available 

The bigger the network, the better the site’s connectivity. A site offering proofreading in more than one language is by far better as compared to one that does it in one. What this reflects is that the team in charge of getting these writers have to pick the creme of the crop from the individual groups.

It means that before a writer or tools are featured on the app, they have been tested and approved. So much so, picking an app that a scholar in Spain and another in France can access proves you are dealing with a professional team that has your best interests at heart.


As a writer, sometimes work will come your way while you are on the go. Meaning even if you have your laptop with you, you cannot use it. Simply because there might not be any power outlet or it is not safe to. Mobile devices, including tablets and phones, would, therefore, be your only options.

And getting an application compatible with such devices will have you deliver quality articles even with the drawback of not having a laptop or desktop at hand. You get to kill two birds with one stone; get your errands completed and delivering top-notch work simultaneously.

Services offered

Every app has a compelling, unique attraction that will have someone buy essays from them. And one very lucrative selling point is the services they offer. Some apps provide proofreading alone while others combine the proofreading with plagiarism checks and vocabulary suggestions as well.

Others give you insight on the engagement levels and gauge your command in grammar, proposing alternative phrases to utilize. They alert you if a word has been overused and offer better solutions. Inevitably you should go for an application that has all or most of these features in one place.

It will save you the trouble of having your piece returned to you to make small changes that such an app would have detected and changed.

Fee Charges

Last and most importantly, check for the fees they charge for the services rendered. A writing app aids you with tools to help you produce quality work, they may offer a few free services, but for a keener look, you have to pay.

Some provide free searches on the grammar but ask for payments on vocabulary and sentence structure recommendations. The generous proposals can only do so much. For a more comprehensive look, you have to pay. The amount, however, is up to you. Make sure what you are paying for is what you need.

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