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Things to do when your account has been hacked

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In this cyber focused era, getting access to information is very easy. You get the information that you need in a matter of seconds. As intriguing as the internet can be, you can also fall victim to your personal information falling in wrong hands.

In this tech-savvy age, online identity theft is a serious issue and getting your data breached is a scary thing to happen. Identity theft happens to a lot of people every year and a number of fraud and scams can be carried out on your name.

Fraudsters out there are always looking for ways to steal your personal identity information. Thus, keeping your online accounts secure is of supreme importance. Your digital personal identity may contain a lot of sensitive information, and it then falls in the wrong hands, it can be detrimental.

Scams occur in many forms including phishing, pharming, malware, weak passwords and insecure websites etc that can obtain your personal information and carry out illicit and illegal business. To protect you from such scams, we will discuss some expert tips to protect your account from malicious fraudulently.

Change your passwords immediately

Hackers have a knack for stealing email addresses and passwords as they know that many passwords out there are predictable and probably the users use the same passwords for multiple accounts.

If you think your password has been hacked, immediately reset your password and make it a tricky one so that it becomes extremely difficult to guess. Also using a unique password for different accounts can be a smart thing to do.

Raise the alarm

As soon as you detect that your account has been hacked, report it immediately. Any suspicious activity should be reported immediately without any delay so that you can protect your personal details from divulging.

Pay attention to the hacked account

If you hear of companies undergoing major hacks and are not sure whether your account has been hacked or not, pay close attention to your account especially in case the account holds credit details. If you repeatedly use the same username or password, chances are a hacker has already gotten into your account. Account recovery would be a smart choice to make in such cases. 

Let your circle know

Once you are sure that your account has been hacked, tell your friends, family, and colleagues that your account has been hacked, and any communication through the account should be reported immediately.

Scan your computer for malware

If your account is hacked, scammers have already gotten into your account, and you have to take a look if they have trespassed using malware. Run a security scan and malware. If something is detected, remove it immediately before any damage is done.

Run all security checks

If your account is hacked, the first thing to do is to recover your account and as soon as you do that, run all security measures possible to prevent any future hack. Two factor-verification is a powerful security measure that can protect your account against spammers and hackers.

There are various means of data protection. Crediful has an article about it that you can read especially if you’re too worried about being hacked.

Final thoughts

Identity theft is a very dangerous cyber-crime that happens to a lot of people worldwide. As much as the internet is a boon, these malicious activities that take place over the internet can have ruinous effects. Thus, be extra careful!

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