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Things to know before getting an app to add watermarks to your videos

Using a watermark is one most straightforward ways you can secure your videos from would-be thieves and miscreants. 

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Most of us are familiar with seeing watermarks on pictures (photos, infographics, etc.); however, did you know that you can add watermarks to your videos as well? 

So, why should you add watermarks to your videos? First and foremost, the obvious answer would be to protect them from theft.

Using a watermark is one most straightforward ways you can secure your videos (or any digital visual asset) from would-be thieves and miscreants. 

On the other hand, you or your company can also use watermarks for other purposes. When you add watermarks to your videos to protect them, you can also design them to promote your brand. 

A watermark is technically just an imprint placed on top of an image to protect it, right? So, any image editing software or watermarking app will get the job done, right?

Wrong. Before you get ahead of yourself and purchase the first app that catches your eye, here are a few things to know before you get an app to add watermarks to your videos.

Do watermarking apps need an internet connection to function?

person using internet in regards to net neutrality
Image: Unsplash

Nowadays, everything in our lives seems to be connected to the internet in some way or another. 

From the cars we drive to the appliances we use, modern electronics usually have some form of internet connectivity to make them more convenient to use.

Nonetheless, internet connectivity is only truly a blessing when it is optional.

If an internet connection was a mandatory feature, (your electronic device or software needed to operate), sooner or later this could become an obstacle. 

This is especially true regarding watermarking apps. In many cases, apps that do not have offline functionality have worse long-term user satisfaction than their counterparts.

This is because unless you happen to be living in the heart of a bustling city like San Francisco, internet service slowdowns or outages can happen frequently. 

Do you want to be at the mercy of your local internet speeds for a task as straightforward as watermarking videos?

The short answer is no. 

Watermarking apps that require a constant internet connection have shown to have no tangible benefits over those that operate offline.

As a matter of fact, if one of these apps tells you they require a constant internet connection, it’s more likely because they need to collect user data constantly. 

What about cloud-based solutions?

icloud password manager on windows
Image: KnowTechie

Industries that are rooted in the realms of technology and the internet are no strangers to buzzwords. And nowadays, the cloud is the newest one that seems to be everywhere.

However, there’s no denying that cloud-based solutions can produce beneficial results when utilized under the right circumstances.

Having said that, because the cloud has become such a common buzzword, many companies feel the need to slap it onto their products with expectations that it will boost sales.

If you’re interested in how to add a watermark to your video, a cloud-based solution will not help. Online solutions do not add any real benefits to watermarking software.

They will likely just add a significant increase to an app’s price.

In fact, cloud-based solutions can potentially be a complication if you want to add watermarks to your videos. This is because they can leave you at the mercy of the reliability of the company’s servers. 

Do watermarking apps need to collect any data? 

windows 10 data collection

Information is power – it always has been and always will be. In this day and age, electronic data is king.

A company that sells you an app (whether for watermarking or another purpose) or gives you access to a digital service will usually try to obtain your usage data. 

What is this data collected used for anyway? Well, the possibilities are endless.

For example, a company might use your usage data to improve its products on the relatively harmless end of the spectrum.

However, on the shadier side of the spectrum, there’s the possibility that a company might sell your usage data to an interested third party.

Do watermarking apps need to collect your data? No, but a lot of them will try to do so anyway.

So keep an eye out for ones that can guarantee they will respect your privacy.

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