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This 2-in-1 smart adapter is the world’s first device that enables wireless Android Auto & CarPlay

The revolutionary device comes with a 5Ghz WiFi for fast media transmission and works without the need to install a companion app on your smartphone. 

ottocast android auto wireless adapter
Image: YouTube

There is absolutely no doubt in the fact that smartphones are the complete personal device for a variety of reasons that go beyond the ordinary.

Be it navigation, playing music, or communicating on the go, a smartphone with the right features and functionalities makes sure that all these tasks are accomplished while you are still driving.

This makes smartphones a very handy device to have when you are driving. But most drivers would agree that mounting the smartphone onto the dashboard or windscreen isn’t quite a pleasant experience. Moreover, damaging or forgetting to carry your cable to connect it with your car’s stereo makes the situation worse. 

Ottocast has emerged to be the first company that has successfully built the first-of-its-kind smart adapter that allows drivers to use Wireless Android Auto and CarPlay on their in-built car stereo within 30 seconds.

The 2-in-1 wireless adapter provides a unique, smart, and user-friendly way to automatically integrate your phone to access content on your car’s bigger screen.

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Wouldn’t it be cool to use Google Maps, Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, Audible, and other infotainment apps, all with your phone resting in your pocket? 

But why is it important for drivers to embrace wireless Android Auto and CarPlay? Touchscreen infotainment systems are not a luxury anymore; all you need is an in-car entertainment (ICE) system that supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to get going.

Many automobile manufacturers are realizing the convenience of providing this technology and are working toward providing factory-fitted systems compatible with the feature, even in smaller and affordable vehicles. Interestingly, there are also some motorbikes that come with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatible entertainment systems.

google android auto in car
Image: Google

The issue is that the existing plug-and-play devices do not solve the problem of drivers completely. In an era of all things wireless, even ICE-compatible devices use a wire/cable to connect the mobile to the head unit.

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This is a cumbersome process as drivers need to make sure that they are carrying the cable with them at all times, not to forget the hassle of constant wear and tear and the need to buy a new cable every few days.

The smart adapter by Ottocast makes it possible to turn wired Android Auto and CarPlay into a completely wireless experience in a matter of seconds. 

We are delighted to be the pioneers in introducing the revolutionary smart adapter and strongly believe that it will largely benefit auto enthusiasts and drivers, in general, in terms of safety and convenience. We pledge to continue our efforts in developing groundbreaking technology easily accessible to the end-user and guide the industry to move forward in a smart and sustainable way,” says Yang Kong, Founder of Ottocast.

The groundbreaking project has recently published a crowd fundraising campaign on Indiegogo, with the aim to make this innovative device accessible to the masses and provide the most convenient and hassle-free driving experience while using the phone.

ottocast indiegogo page
Image: Indiegogo

As the campaign goes live at 9 a.m. EDT on 14 December 2021, the good news for all those who want to grab their hands on the device is that Ottocast has already announced its plans to start shipping the device to customers from December itself.

What’s more- Ottocast is offering an exclusive discount of 50% for users who place orders within 72 hours of the launch event.

The revolutionary device comes with a 5Ghz WiFi for fast media transmission and works without the need to install a companion app on your smartphone. 

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