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This Black Friday deal offers the Redkey F10 foldable cordless vacuum cleaner for just $159

It typically sells for $189.99.

Redkey vacuum
Image: KnowTechie

Almost a year after the pandemic started, hygiene continues to be the most pressing concern. What do you do to keep your room clean and comfortable? Lots of dust means lots of bacteria, which compromises your immunity. 

Our focus today is on the Redkey F10 foldable cordless vacuum cleaner, made by the top Chinese cleaning appliance brand Redkey. Thanks to its innovative foldable design, it can effectively clean under furniture. It can also adjust the suction level automatically according to the amount of dust on the floor to ensure thorough cleaning. 

It has been praised by a large number of customers and internet celebrities since it launched. This Black Friday, the Redkey F10 is getting a $30 discount, bringing the price down to just to $159.99. It typically sells for $189.99.

Why do customers love it so much? Let’s look at the reasons why you should buy it.

Foldable extension rod to clean under the bed

Redkey f10
Image: Redkey

The last time you tried to clean under the bed, you gave up altogether after a short time, because let’s face it, no one likes kneeling down to do this. It’s uncomfortable. Can this vacuum cleaner do the job instead?

To make it easier to reach hard-to-reach spots, Redkey gave F10 a foldable extension rod. It does not require changing the accessories. It can be folded with a light press, lying flat for easy entry into the bottom of a piece of furniture, and can rotate at any angle between 0 and 90° just like an arm.

With the friendly folding function design, we are able to easily clean the bottom of the bed and the sofa without having to bend over. Very user-friendly for children, pregnant women, and the elderly.

Reviews have shown that the Redkey F10 is 35% to 40% more effective at cleaning under low furniture. Keep your home free of dust. 

Smart dust sensing & auto suction adjustment

Redkey f10 suction
Image: Redkey

The intelligent sensing system in the Redkey F10 detects and adjusts the suction level according to the density and size of the dust. The benefits go well beyond convenience. The suction increases if the amount of dust is large, and if the amount of dust is small, it uses less power.

It will automatically switch to the mid or low level for tasks that are not as demanding. As a result, the runtime is prolonged, and noise is reduced. Redkey F10’s innovative suction management system also extends its service life significantly.

Additionally, the machine’s brush head has a dust refraction LED light used to examine the ground, detect leaks, and eliminate all health-threatening dust.

Black Friday is when we buy vacuum cleaners at a lower price. But Redkey F10 offers an invisible discount through its longer service life.

Surging suction for deep cleaning

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Image: Redkey

Redkey F10 provides suction up to 23,000pa with its 400W motor. This vacuum can pick up almost any debris, according to YouTubers who have tried it. In addition, the Redkey F10 has five suction levels to meet different cleaning needs. A dust-sensing automatic mode automatically adjusts the suction based on the amount of dust. Therefore, it can be used to increase cleaning efficiency and lengthen the lifespan of the vacuum cleaner.

Most vacuum cleaners require a battery (if not an entirely new machine) replacement. Using the Redkey F10’s 5-level design and auto mode, the battery is protected, reducing overall maintenance costs.

Three-stage filtration to protect the family from fine dust

The Redkey F10 is equipped with a three-stage filtration system to keep the air ducts clear. The outlet HEPA can capture 99.99% of fine particles as small as 0.3 microns to prevent the spread of secondary pollution.

60 minutes long battery life + removable battery

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Image: Redkey

Is a wireless vacuum cleaner’s battery life a concern? The Redkey F10 features a 2500mAh large-capacity Samsung battery with up to  60 minutes of battery life, and the battery is removable, making it easy to replace. It can clean up to 200 square meters of space at a time.

High overall value having the price and after-expense considered

For its Black Friday promotion, Redkey dishing out big discounts. You can snag the Redkey F10 at only $159.99. With its high suction, foldable cleaning tool, long motor and battery life, and low maintenance costs, it’s a great value.

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