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This Chrome tool will check if your passwords are compromised – here’s how to access it

So many breaches, so little time.

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Image: KnowTechie

Google is adding a “password checkup” feature to the inbuilt password manager in Google Chrome.

Basically, the feature compares your login details against the huge database of compromised accounts found in recent data breaches, and if a match is found, Chrome tells you to change your password for safety. It’ll also do the same if it notices you’re reusing passwords on multiple sites.

Google Chrome now tells you if your passwords have been compromised

google password checker

Image: Google

This feature the same password checkup feature that was released as a Chrome Extension back in February. Google has now added it to the password manager found at, which makes it even easier for people to keep themselves safer online.

Here’s how it works:

  • When you put your login credentials into a site, Google sends an encrypted version to the server the database is hosted in
  • That database checks the encrypted version against its own login credential lists
  • If it finds a match, or if you’re reusing passwords, Chrome then gives a popup notification encouraging you to change your password

Now you can make sure that all of your online accounts have unique passwords, that aren’t already for sale in a data dump from a breach. Nifty.

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