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This marketplace uses AI to help consumers invest in the wine they cherish

The wine on this platform utilizes Artificial Intelligence and Sensory Science to help consumers invest in the wine they want.

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The oldest winemakers are from Georgia which saunters back to South Caucasus in 6,000BC. The early Georgians discovered grape juice could turn into wine by burying it underground in the winter season.

Since then, ‘fermented grapes’ has become a delicacy and are consumed by 75% of adults in the United States every year. 53% of adults consume a couple of glasses per week (60+ age group) and 51% are from the 30–44 age group.

Here, Yahyn steps in proudly to sell elite wine online that profits the producers and consumers by providing low prices and creating wines based on palettes.

First online wine-selling platform

Yahyn, America’s first online wine selling platform is working towards the empowerment of winemakers and consumers.

The wine market has a value of $89 billion currently; 12% of those is from online sales. This percentage is increasing rapidly with an $89 Billion in total addressable markets.

The Yahyn website is a one-stop-shop for browsing and purchasing favorite wines without spending a large amount. 

Convenience is the priority as they deliver the products to your doorstep. Yahyn brings the delectable wine to the consumer at low prices.

The wine on this platform utilizes Artificial Intelligence and Sensory Science to help consumers invest in the wine they cherish. It has partnered with Tastry and introduced a risk-free buying experience.

Tastry integrates Sensory Science to chemically break down each bottle of wine. It curates a flavor profile and uploads it according to the matrix, matching the wine flavor profile. 

Yahyn is the solitary platform that is “Discovering the Perfect Wine for You”. It also allows plugin methods for vineyards to sell DTC, maximizing their profits.

Consumers buy directly from hardworking people, the creators of wine, who integrate their inventory onto the website.

Undertaking cutting-edge technology, Yahyn is unlocking the US to the foreign wine market. With more than 200k wine brands available, the US is only home to a few. 

Sommelier Chat service is an additional feature provided if the customers want to learn about a specific region, wine, etc. 

Today, every aspect of life is searched on online platforms and mobile apps. By Q2 of 2022, more than 12,000 various SKUs are expected to hit 25,000. 

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