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This Microsoft Excel feature will transform the way you use it

Although there are myriads of new features that come with the new Microsoft Excel 2019, the PowerPoint feature will surely change how you do things.

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Microsoft is at it again with the launch of the most anticipated Microsoft Office 2019. It comes with incredible updated features that will blow your mind away. With the launch of the new SUITE come subtle improvements in Microsoft Excel 2019.

Microsoft has gone beyond expectations to pack the new suite with highly sought after features that will blow your mind away.

This is not to mean that Microsoft has scraped off the old features. No, you will still enjoy the previous features as you marvel at the extent of the new features when you download office 2019 and what they can do for you.

Although there are myriads of new features that come with the new Microsoft Excel 2019, the PowerPoint feature will surely change how you do things. From the advanced visual effects to modern media tools, this article will give you a detailed insight into how the PowerPoint feature will change how you normally use it.

Microsoft Excel 2019-PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint has always been on the forefront when it comes to offering you incredible tools to use. It has totally revolutionized the nature of virtual media presentation. The new PowerPoint has not played shy of the same. It comes packed with new and improved features that will ease the way you handle things. Even so, you will enjoy features that were in the previous versions. These are new features that aren’t found in the previous versions that will blow your mind away.

Visual Effects

New PowerPoint visual effects have been engineered to help you create more beautiful presentations. If you are an enthusiast of creating animations engage massively in visual writing, these tools will totally change how you use Microsoft Excel PowerPoint.

Morph Transition

This is an incredible Microsoft Excel PowerPoint tool that enables you to smoothly move animations from one slide to another in a presentation. It is an ingenious tool that you can use to create a unique and beautiful appearance while presenting either shapes, texts, WordArt, charts, shapes, and pictures.

The good thing about this feature is that it’s not only available in Microsoft excel PowerPoint 2019, but if you are an enthusiast of Microsoft Office 365, you can as well enjoy the benefits of this tool.

Setting up Morph Transition

In order to effectively utilize Morph Transition, you must first have two different slides with a common object I both. In order to get this with ease, you can create a duplicate one slide before moving one object to a different place and replacing it with the object from the original slide.

You can consequently copy and paste the common object from one slide to another. Once you are done, apply Morph Transition to the created slide and let it automatically move and animate the created object.

Zoom for PowerPoint

Are you looking to make a presentation more dynamic and navigable, then this tool will change how you always make this happen. Zoom allows you to easily skip around from one slide, portion and section of your presentation to another and back. Not only will you have the power to easily move around, but this tool will also give you the ability to decide on the order by which you are going to move.

Summary Zoom

This Is basically a Zoom landing page. Here you are able to see all the pieces you are presenting at once. This way, you are able to move from one slide to another by zooming on the target slide. You can as well skip ahead or even go back to previous presentations with ease. This tool allows you to do all these without interfering with your presentation flow.

Slide Zoom

Moving between slides can be a daunting task. Not only is it time-consuming, but it is also tiresome. With Slide Zoom, you can easily navigate from one slide to another without interfering with your presentation flow. This comes handy especially if you have a short presentation to make, where you can Slide Zoom different scenarios from different slides at a go. This way, you will offer multiple information while presenting as though you were dealing with one major information.

Section Zoom

This is a direct link to an already existing section in the presentation. It comes handy if you are in need of going back to a specific section to lay more emphasis, or connecting different pieces of information in your presentation.

Text Highlighter

Just like in Microsoft Word, this tool allows you to highlight a certain text while making a presentation. You are able to highlight either one text or multiple text in a single or more slides in yellow.

In order to highlight a single text, you first select the specific text that you want to highlight. Once you are done with selecting the text, you select the Text Highlight Color arrow in the home tab. This option allows you to select the color you want your highlighted text to be. Choose a color you prefer and your text will be highlighted. It’s important to note that Microsoft Excel PowerPoint 2019 allows for only yellow color highlighting at the moment.

When it comes to highlighting multiple pieces of the non-contiguous test, you first select the Text Highlight Color arrow in the Home tab. You then go ahead to choose the color that you want before highlighting the text area you want to highlight by use of the mouse. You can highlight a different portion of the text since the mouse changes to a highlighter at this point. Once you are done highlighting, press ESC and your text will be highlighted.

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