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This portable smart guitar has a Bluetooth speaker that you can take anywhere

Mogabi’s new smart guitar is packed with power features that make it the most innovative guitar of all time.

mogabi smart guitar

We all fantasize about the idea of smart gadgets with cool new features. But what if we say that there’s a smart guitar that brings alive the concept of a one-man guitar band and allows you to record high-quality music in real-time? 

Yes, this is not a prototype but a real smart guitar. Team Mogabi has introduced the first-of-its-kind smart travel guitar, designed to solve the problems of the modern-day guitarist. 

Mogabi’s new smart guitar is packed with power features that make it the most innovative guitar of all time.

Designed to perfection with a classic finish, Mogabi’s smart guitar is a foldable and elegantly compact guitar that you can carry along just about anywhere.

Whether you’re on a plane, train, taxi, or subway, you can bring along Mogabi with you without any hassle. It can be securely placed in a store, trunk, or overhead compartment easily. 

What’s more – The smart guitar allows music enthusiasts to travel light because it is more than just a guitar.

Mogabi offers a built-in Bluetooth speaker so that you don’t have to worry about carrying a speaker separately and make sure that it is charged at all times when you step out. This also eliminates the stress of forgetting your speaker outdoors. 

Mogabi comes in two different headstocks. Users can get it customized according to their needs. They can either opt for the classic regular style or the iconic round headstock depending on their interest and comfort.

The only difference between the versions is that of the overall look and feel without compromising on the quality and music output. 

Interestingly, Mogabi’s pioneering self-record technology makes it a power product and the most preferred option for people who like to jam and vibe on the go.

This feature enables users to record the original sound with top-notch noise cancellation so you don’t have to worry about carrying and setting up an extra recording device. 

Image: Kickstarter

The idea behind innovating Mogabi’s smart guitar came from a simple observation that a conventional guitar is too big and too heavy to carry around freely.

Moreover, the option of renting out a recording studio is not a viable option for everyone because of the expenses involved. 

Another interesting observation that led to this product innovation is the fact that most musical inspirations come out of the blue. They can barge in anytime, while you are on a walk, a vacation, or even a business trip.

Unfortunately, you might not have a professional recording device handy with you at that point in time and the inspiration can just slip away. Mogabi’s recording system comes with 32 GB in-built memory that provides the ultimate solution to this problem.   

With the newly developed Mogabi application, professionals, as well as budding and independent artists can enjoy various effects like music uploads, downloads, edits, mixing, music sheet editing, tuning, etc.

This consumer-centric feature will help broaden musical skills so that the proud owners of Mogabi get to share their favorite guitar tunes worldwide by utilizing the music cloud. 

Not just this, the guitar is equipped with 2600mA Lithium-Ion batteries that can be fully charged within 3 hours and deliver a battery life of up to 6 consecutive hours. This means that users no longer have to struggle to find a power zone to recharge their battery now and then.

This makes Mogabi even more appealing for those who love to jam outdoors and never get bored of playing their favorite tunes. 

While there are instances when you might want to spend some alone time while playing your guitar, there are surely moments when you feel like getting inspired by listening to the work of other players.

For such moments, users can try the mix-mode. The mix-mode helps you to seamlessly play duets and even quartets alongside your favorite artists.

All one needs to do is turn on the Bluetooth pairing mode and start jamming to the tunes according to their mood. 

It is truly liberating when you don’t need to carry multiple devices like a mic, amplifier, or visit a recording studio to record your tunes.

With Mogabi, you can move around hands-free and register your authentic guitar tunes without any background noise or interruptions with just a touch of a button. 

Recently, the portable guitar, with the world’s first technology of original-sound recording, was launched on Kickstarter and was fully funded in just one day.

The good news is that the backers will soon be able to enjoy the world’s first one-man guitar band and share their high-quality recordings with the world real soon. 

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