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This secret Facebook tool removes your phone number and email

Realistically, you’d never find this tool on your own.

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Facebook has a secret, little-known tool that you can use to request that the platform remove your phone number and email address from its database.

The tool, pointed out by MSN, is hidden pretty deep inside Facebook’s help section for its non-users.

The link is embedded beneath a tower of word vomit because, to be frank, Facebook doesn’t want to delete your phone number.

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Image: KnowTechie

If you want to request that the platform remove your phone number or email address, you can do it via this link: Facebook Contact Removal.

Just head to that page and choose what kind of information you want the platform to block.

Once you enter the phone number or email address you’re looking for, you can request that Facebook take it down and even block it in the future.

Your phone number can be in Facebook’s database even if you’ve never had an account. That’s because other people shared their phone contacts with the platform. If you were in those contacts, Facebook has your number.

Now you can remove it. This is a nice tool for Facebook users and non-users alike. Facebook, and its parent company Meta, have gathered tons of data on their users.

Do yourself a favor and tell Facebook to delete your number and block it in the future so you can have a little more peace of mind.

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