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Three areas of tech that have become more important than ever

Three areas that have become far more significant are collaboration apps, eCommerce tools, and conference software tools.

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It has been a big year for tech in general. With large portions of the working world confined to their homes for months at a time, 2020 has thrown up more than a few issues for societies across the globe, one of them being how to keep the economic cogs spinning whilst being in a perpetual state of lockdown. Technology has been at the heart of the resilience shown by many of us, with laptops, smartphones, and tablets, being portals into our virtual offices and workspaces. 

But hardware aside, some areas of tech have become extremely important in recent times, as many of us are either forced or choose to work from home. Three areas that have become far more significant are collaboration apps, eCommerce tools, and conference software tools.

Conference software tools

Something that pretty much every business consisting of more than one person needs in 2020 is a robust conference call service. Whether you are looking to make an audio call to a colleague or wish to partake in a video conference with 10 others, conference call applications are a huge deal right now. Functionality and form factors differ, and which application is right for you and your company will depend on just how you use your conferencing software.

Are you looking for the highest quality video? The best sounding audio? Do you wish to have a small group of colleagues chatting at once, or are you more likely to need one main speaker while 60 fellow workers listen in? What about ‘screen sharing’ your latest project with a team of workers in different time zones? Whatever your needs, there is a conference call solution out there for it. The use of which has become so popular that many companies are simply not looking to bring all their workers back to the HQ once the Covid-19 pandemic is over.

Such a significant change to the way in which we work is in no small part down to how successful these apps have been in allowing us to have the conversations that we were all privy to when working in the office, now in the virtual world instead. 

Collaboration apps

Collaboration apps are similarly big news in 2020. Whether you are discussing issues around a current project, sharing files, working in real-time on a document, or simply ‘shooting the breeze’ with your fellow workers, collaboration apps are fast becoming the defacto way that businesses collate, organize, and discuss work-related projects. In the absence of meeting rooms, in-person presentations, and a normal office environment in general, these tools have become indispensable. 

Even before the current global situation, these apps had become commonplace in many offices, allowing whole teams to be able to see exactly what is happening in each department, and interact with each other seamlessly. The search tools that many of these apps possess are also hugely important, making it extremely easy to find exactly what you are looking for in seconds. Anyone who has ever had to deal with a “did you get that spreadsheet I emailed to you three months ago” query, will likely understand just how useful these collaboration tools can be, keeping all aspects of the job in one place. 

eCommerce platforms

When it comes to selling products, eCommerce tools have simplified the process to such a degree, that companies without them are now few and far between. Simply put, these tools help you make sales, track inventory, and ship items through digital portals. With integrations that can run through from the beginning to the end of a sale, these apps create simple channels that take the hard work out of the hands of the employee, and provide powerful data sets, allowing a business to see exactly how and why sales were made, give an overview on where shipments are in the chain, and help you for the future. In a world where online sales have increased exponentially, and workers are needing to access this data from their homes, eCommerce platforms have grown in importance at a rapid rate. 

Technology has always been at the forefront of modern business, but now more than ever, certain areas of tech are becoming the foundations upon which we build our businesses. With communication and data at the center, expect to see conference tools, eCommerce platforms, and collaboration apps become the lynchpins in your work-life no matter what business you are in. 

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