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Three best digital technology automation tools

The quicker an organization adapts to these tools, the more likely successful it would be in the longer run.  

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Digital connectivity has taken over post offices, and people prefer receiving emails about news and updates rather than magazines or newspapers. There are so many tools through which companies and entrepreneurs can automate their operations and marketing efforts. Automating operations means that you can set up a series of tasks that can be completed one after the other or in parallel due to the trigger raised by the user or a time-based setup kept by the sender.

  • Automation Features

There are a lot of tools out there, but not all of them offer each and every feature you are looking for. You have to pick and choose based on the business needs, support and pricing each offer. Let’s talk about email marketing automation here. For example, not all the tools offer AB testing, emoji insertion or auto-send prompts to unopened emails.

  • Ease of use

When we talk about time-saving, it is important to review the software which is easy to use. Some tools, like Constant Contact, offer built-in templates while others let you save your own template and use it later. It’s always a good idea to take the free trial that almost all the tools offer to see if it fits your needs. Also, monitor the contacts you have at the time being and the expansion plan. For example, you can upgrade from 1000 contacts to 10,000 in Hubspot but the price is enormously high.

  • Integration with Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Regardless of the fact that you are a large organization or a small company, if you are utilizing email marketing, then it’s a good idea to integrate CRM into it. The results will be more manageable and retargeting will become simpler. You will save more time and be able to respond to triggers at the right time.

  • Analytics

The best thing about email marketing automation is the analytics you can drive from each campaign. Most of the tools show visibility to a number of emails opened, spammed, responded to, etc. You can even set up a second email that goes out to those who have not opened it as yet. The quicker you see the results, the more spontaneously you can optimize the campaign to what is working better and what is not working.

Email Marketing Automation Tools


From blogging to custom writings various automation tools are used. Below find some of the most popular:


Hubspot is ranked as the number one email marketing automation tool so far. You can create workflows that are based on step-by-step processes to automate your email messages in response to an action taken by the customer. You can prepare your email lists, nurture leads, and engage with inactive customers. You can also up-sell to old customers and track the Net promoter Score.

Hubspot has excellent customer services and offers free training to learn more about the services. Pricing starts from $50 a month with limited features but useful for small companies. For mid-size to large companies, Professional and Enterprise packages would be more suited which are $655 and $2,624 per month. The good thing is, there is a free 14 days trial if you want to test the professional and enterprise packages.


ActiveCampaign is another tool that was launched just 5 years ago but has picked the market by storm. It offers all the core features that other tools do but the good thing about it is the pricing. For 500 contacts, price starts from $15/month paid on a yearly basis and goes to $309/month for all-inclusive enterprise package. There are two more packages for $75 and $175 monthly. If you are currently using some other tool, ActiveCampaign offers free migration so you don’t lose any of the previous data and analysis.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is one of the most basic tools you can find for email marketing automation. The company started 25 years ago and has not done much innovation with the tool. They provide just-the-right no-frills email marketing automation features that get you going. Pricing isn’t that much either; $20/ month isn’t a bad deal to get unlimited emails. The only other package is the advanced version at $45/month for additional features like A/B testing, event marketing, surveys, polls, etc.

There are so many tools launched every year to ease out the operational burden and help organizations to do more with less with the help of technology. The quicker an organization adapts to these tools, the more likely successful it would be in the longer run.

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