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Tiktok – a new social media platform that has stunned youngsters

TikTok is more of a music application than a social one. More or less, it comes down to being frivolous and, generally, users act childish.

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TikTok is a new social network… OK, now it’s not so new anymore… which is taking a swing all over the world, giving you the ability to use its tools to record yourself while acting, dancing, singing, performing acrobatics, and the like.

In reality, still, not many adults know about this app, which isn’t the case with children. On the contrary, when it comes to children and teenagers, to them it’s love at first sight. The Chinese-based app TikTok was launched back in 2016 and had about 800 million active users in 2019, which makes it the seventh most popular app in the world, which as an amazing stunt given how long it exists. With those figures, it ranks second in terms of downloads on iOS and Android platforms, having 740 million downloads. Only WhatsApp stands in front of TikTok with 860 million downloads.

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Easily Create Clips

As soon as you enter the website of the application, TikTok tells you: “Make Your Day. Real People. Real Videos.” What sets this app apart from others is that it allows its users to easily create 15-second clips and show off their creativity. The clips look like they were done by professionals and the tools the app offers to create them provide incredible possibilities.

So, with TikTok, video content is at the forefront, and not any kind but only creative content. It gives you the chance to be an actor, dancer, singer, musician, director or something else for a few seconds. Then, to pretend to act in a video, stand on stage, connect with other users from all over the world and then record a “duet song” with them. And these are just some of the options.

As YouTubers, influencers, blogs, skits, and the like are becoming increasingly popular these days, this app has long been a favorite among kids and teens. With them, this app immediately came to life as it focuses on one format; on Instagram, that format is photography; on TikTok, the focus is on video content. Therefore, it’s clear that it attracts a certain group of users, and in this case, it’s a younger audience.

Positive and Negative Sides

However, knowing every popular social network carries with it its positive and negative sides, so does TikTok. It’s “burden” in no way goes in favor of the application. Namely, in some cases, children know to make cruel jokes in order to be as popular as possible, so there’s an example where a boy posted a video saying that he’ll jump out the window and then informed his followers that it has all been a joke…

Finally, it’s concluded that TikTok is more of a music application than a social one. More or less, it comes down to being frivolous and, generally, users act childish. Well, why not? If you like exploring and changing a boring routine, at least from a social networking point of view, have a little fun, “relax”, and be more creative than on Instagram, Facebook, Snapshot, and the like, maybe TikTok is the right app for you.

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