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Tips for choosing the best smartwatch in 2020

Smartwatches are gaining more and more fans. At the same time, manufacturers are constantly trying to improve the design and quality.

the best smartwatches of 2020
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Smartwatches have dominated the electronic devices market for a good reason. These little gadgets can do a lot. If you fall asleep with it on your wrist, it will wake you up in the morning; it will monitor your sleep meticulously during the night. This is a great opportunity to see how you can improve your well-being and moods by changing your bedtime habits that contribute to a good night’s sleep.

When you wake up, you have access to the latest world news right away. Isn’t it great to get a dose of useful information in the morning? Then you can check what the weather forecast is for that day and what events await you in the calendar.

The smartwatch will enable you to receive all notifications from your phone, and some models even allow you to make calls directly from your watch. To research various options and see what suits you best, you can visit websites like to see trending devices and get the best possible prices.

The smartwatch is the perfect tool to measure your physical activity. It is much more accurate than a smartphone because you are wearing it all day long. Counting steps, calories burned, or sleep analysis are data that can be very important when planning a diet or wanting to improve your daily activity.

Without further ado, here, we present you with the list of the best smartwatches in 2020.

Compatible with iPhone – Apple Watch Series 5

apple watch

Image: KnowTechie

If you are looking for a smartwatch compatible with your iPhone, it is hard to find a better option than the Apple Watch Series 5. This is the latest version of the smartwatch from Apple. The Watch OS6 system ensures smoothness of any operation compared to its predecessors; it stands out above all with the Always-On Retina display. You don’t have to wake it up because it never turns off. Thanks to the EKG application, it is possible to measure the heart rate. It also has a fall detection function and a built-in compass.

The smartwatch can also track the user’s workouts. It is waterproof to 50 meters deep and has a built-in microphone and speaker. It supports Apple Pay and Apple Music contactless payments, giving you access to your favorite music right from your wrist.

The Best for Sports – Suunto 7

It is a sport watch, and a smartwatch rolled into one device. It will meet the expectations of all people wanting high-quality craft, excellent style, and extensive functionality. Suunto 7 has 70 sport modes, built-in GPS, and a wrist-based heart rate monitor. It provides detailed information on the effects of exercises that can be quickly shared on social networks.

Suunto 7 is shockproof and dirt-resistant and can be used with gloves thanks to the physical buttons. Water resistance up to 50 meters means that you can use it for swimming without worry. It can show you notifications from your smartphone, and support Google Pay payments.

Perfect for Runners – Polar Vantage M

It is a great training device designed to be light and handy. Polar Vantage M measures your heart rate from the wrist using the new Precision Prime multi-sensory technology. It is a versatile multisport GPS watch made for people who dream of setting new running records. It allows you to customize individual settings for each of your favorite disciplines.

What distinguishes the Polar watch from other models is that it is very light and durable. Sweat and dust will not hurt it. It allows you to control the pace and distance, and even altitude. It also works with Polar Flow – a platform for training, sleep, and activity evaluation.

Best for Monitoring Your Heart Rate – Huawei Watch GT 2

This inexpensive smartwatch from Huawei is an interesting gadget that suits many outfits. In terms of battery consumption, this watch can go without charging for up to two weeks. The Huawei smartwatch calculates your VO2 max and blood oxygenation estimates your recovery time, which is as essential as training and monitors your progress.

The sleep analysis function will allow you to track how you truly rest at night, and the measurement of the stress level will remind you to step back and relax. Huawei Watch GT 2e also displays notifications about calls, text messages, e-mails, and calendar events from your smartphone on an ongoing basis.


Smartwatches are gaining more and more fans. At the same time, manufacturers are constantly trying to improve the design and quality, add more and more functionality, and additional options. Today, hardly any smartwatch is limited only to presenting the time and displaying smartphone notifications.

A well-chosen model gives the user many more possibilities. It can track your sleep or even your training load. With a smartwatch, you have your personal coach always beside you!

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